Jonathan Scott of 'Property Brothers' Blasts 'Unwanted Negativity' From Trolls

Well...I’m going to be frank. I’m tired of the trolling and the unwarranted negativity from [...]

HGTV personality Jonathan Scott has had enough of the negativity from internet trolls on his social media posts, and has a message for them over their "unwarranted negativity."

The Property Brothers star took to Twitter late Saturday night to share a 2-minute message for fans who post negative remarks on several of his inspiring social media posts, the most recent being one in support of students and victims of gun violence taking part in the March for Our Lives protest.

"If it offends you when I post saying I believe in protecting our nation's children and supporting their right to free speech, well then I'm sorry that you feel that right is only for the privileged few," Scott began his impassioned rant, adding he is not promoting some "hidden political agenda."

Scott went on to say how he believes in equality, respect and understanding as the "only way to grow our society stronger."

"If it offends you… well then I'm sorry you harbor such pain and resentment inside you because you shouldn't. I honestly look for the good in all people, and whether you believe in God or your country or family, they all have one thing in common and that they stand for something greater than themselves."

The 39-year-old goes on to reveal that with the thousands of comments he receives every day, he reads every single one of them, including the "hateful comments" posted.

"It gives me that pit in the bottom of my stomach because I'm posting something good and positive and at the end of the day, I really just want to spark conversation," he admits. "But I can't think of what could possibly be more important than basic human kindness, and I feel like you reach a crossroad when you want to stand up and voice your opinion.

"You can either say something constructive or you can say something destructive, and lately I see a lot of the latter," he revealed, sharing that his social media is a "safe place" for everyone to come in and share the inspiration.

Embarrassed by the negativity, Scott admits that even his mother sees the comments.

"Let me give you a little advice my mom gave me 37 years ago, [it's] that if you don't have something nice to say keep it to yourself," Scott said.

The Property Brothers twin went on to reiterate he is not promoting an agenda, nor trying to force his opinions on others. Instead, he is just trying to "start a conversation."

"I really encourage you to set aside your biases, your preconceived notions and frustrations," he said. "I encourage you to just come in and join the conversation and have an open mind. At the end of the day if it turns out that I actually do believe in a healthier planet and supporting families and supporting strong economic growth, well I guess that means I support you as well."

Scott added that he hopes everybody can follow him on social media to enjoy the experience and get inspired.

"We are all about everybody getting inspired and if after all that you still feel that you want to come in here, and you want to post something negative and hateful, well frankly, piss off because you are no longer welcome."

The emotional speech raked in more than 750,000 views on Twitter and Facebook, where Scott posted the video in its entirety.

Scott's video likely stemmed from his Instagram post shared Saturday during the March for Our Lives protest, which was held all across the U.S., that became a cesspool of negativity from fans name-calling others and insulting the HGTV star.

(Photo: Instagram / @mrsilverscott)

"It's hard to define what's most important to me... There are many things. But protecting the innocent definitely tops the list. I support you," Scott wrote with the hashtags, "March for Our Lives," "Family First"and "Kids First."