Jinger Duggar 'Grateful' That Justice Is 'Being Served' in Brother Josh Duggar's Case (Exclusive)

Jinger Duggar Vuolo is "grateful for the justice that is being served" as the 19 Kids and Counting alum's brother, Josh Duggar, serves out a prison sentence of more than 12 years on charges of possession of child pornography. Jinger opened up to PopCulture.com ahead of the release of her new memoir, Becoming Free Indeed, about how her own emotional and spiritual journey has been impacted by Josh's 2021 arrest and subsequent conviction. 

"It's been tough. It's definitely something that's super difficult to talk about," Jinger shared, noting, "When anybody walks through a challenge in life, it's hard enough, but then doing that in the public eye is next level and it's challenging." The former Counting On star continued, "But I will speak to just my brother's situation. It's so heartbreaking and my heart just really breaks for the victims. I'm grateful for the justice system that is in place."

Despite it being "such a difficult time" for Jinger's entire family, "just speaking for myself, I'm grateful for the justice that is being served at this time," she added. In the wake of such an intense time in her family's life, it can be "really hard" moving forward with her day-to-day life as a mother to her two daughters – 4-year-old Felicity and 2-year-old Evangeline – whom she shares with husband Jeremy Vuolo. 

"If you stop and think about it, it's really hard," she told PopCulture. "It still is painful because anytime there are family things like that, it's hard. It's just hard. So I am grateful though that I just lean in harder to God and turn to my faith in him, and that's what gives me the strength to move forward every day."

In Becoming Free Indeed, Jinger opens up about the "harmful" teachings of Basic Life Principles, an organization established by disgraced minister Bill Gothard in 1961, which dictated the reality personality's upbringing. "[I] wanted to share my story because I know that these teachings from Bill Gothard that I followed for so many years are so harmful, and I saw how that really affected my life," she shared. "And his teachings were based on fear, superstition, manipulation, control. So I really wanted to communicate my story, and I felt like now's the time, because I've had time to work through a lot of the things that I was raised with. So I felt strong enough to speak now." Becoming Free Indeed is available now wherever you buy books.