Jill Duggar Suffers Injury While Grocery Shopping With Kids

Jill (Duggar) Dillard’s recent trip to the grocery store saw her coming home with more than just food. Earlier this week, the former Counting On star took a trip to her local Sam’s Club with sons Israel David, 4, and Samuel Scott, 2, and she documented the exhausting experience for her fans on her Instagram Story, including the injury to her ankle that she received thanks to her shopping cart.

“So … This happened today,” Dillard captioned the video, according to In Touch Weekly, going on to explain that she had accidentally hit her ankle against the metal bar at the bottom of the cart. “Ouch, y’all. This bar…sticks out and I literally rammed my shin into it…I was like, ‘Uhhh,’ trying to, like, be all cool and collected while I literally gave myself a big, old, whopping bruise.”

Dillard’s frustrations only became more apparent when she attempted to show fans the injury that she was now sporting but the camera failed to pick up the severity of the injury.

“The video doesn’t do it justice,” she captioned the clip. “Hurts so bad and has raised a bump and turned blue/green right away.”

You can see the video on In Touch Weekly by clicking here.

The outing came just days after Dillard raised some eyebrows with her candid rant about how exhausting being a stay-at-home mom of two can be.

“This is me frustrated," Dillard said in the video, which was accompanied by a series of photos revealing that her sons had flung hardening chocolate sauce around the kitchen, spread lemon oil on the counter, put soap on the bathroom floor, and spilled water on the carpet. “[My son] is screaming at me because he wants a game. I just told them to go lay down or go outside until mommy can cool down and handle this situation."

Thankfully, Dillard seem to calm down by the end of the video, and she even managed to find a little humor in her children’s antic a few days later when they managed to get charcoal from the grill and use it as chalk.

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“So...this just happened in like 3.2 seconds. That’s charcoal from the grill...They said, ‘look mommy! We made chalk!’” she captioned the post. “Oh, and that was after I’d already got them out of the muddy puddles and stopped them from throwing grass clippings at each other and filling Sam’s hood with them.”

Dillard signed off by informing her followers that she was “embracing motherhood” and that “kids will be kids.”