Jill Duggar Stirs Social Media Following Remarks About Her Local Library

Jill (Duggar) Dillard just can’t seem to catch a break. After catching flak for a broken car window, allowing her son to chew gum that had been stuck in her hair, and a butterscotch brownie recipe that was missing the namesake ingredient, the former Counting On star is getting once again heat after she apparently only just discovered how amazing libraries can be.

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, Dillard took to Instagram to document her and sons Israel David Dillard and Samuel Scott Dillard’s trip to their local library.

“We had a blast at the [Rogers Public Library] this morning with friends!” she captioned a gallery of images showing off all the fun they had. “If you’re in the area you should look up the different events they have...I was pleasantly surprised at how great it was!”

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The post, although innocent, immediately sparked outcry. Some of Dillard’s 1.6 million followers were in shock that she had only just discovered how useful libraries could be, while others criticized her for not giving her children books to read during their visit and for using the visit in place of actual nursery school.

“Yet no photos of actual fun with books,” one person criticized.

“I thought it ironic,” another agreed. “When I was a child we didn’t have toys at the library. So yes, I guess exactly as you said.”

“If you think a library is fun for kids, a nursery school is even more awesome!” a third wrote. “Fun craft projects, playtime with lots of other kids their age, and a head start on kindergarten.”

Despite the backlash, which Dillard did not respond to, many more fans were just as eager to praise the day trip and her support of libraries.

“Yay!! Speaking as a librarian, welcome to the 21st century library!!” one person wrote. “We love to get kids (and adults) learning and engaging with their community in multiple new, fun ways! I’m excited to see what your future thoughts on libraries are.”

“I’m a youth librarian! I’m so glad you’re enjoying what your library has to offer,” a second fan wrote.


“Libraries are the best!!” added a third. “There is always something going on.”

The Wednesday trip came after Dillard and her husband Derick Dillard relocated their family to Lowell, Arkansas to be closer to the rest of their family and so that Dillard could continue his studies.