Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Fans Speculate Over Possible 'Fallout' With 'Counting On' Family

Fans of Jill Duggar [Dillard] and her husband Derick Dillard are speculating that the couple may have had a possible "fallout" with her Counting On family.

Recently, Duggar and Dillard packed up and moved their kids to Arkansas, but they used a moving company to help them, rather than enlisting Duggar's brothers and sisters.

This did not go unnoticed by fans of Counting On, many of whom have since taken to inquiring and speculating on why this happened.

After Duggar posted photos of the move on Instagram, InTouch reports that one fan commented, "Sounds like there may be a fallout," while another inquired, "Why are none of your 18 siblings helping you move?"

"I had the same thought. I mean, they helped Jinger [Duggar] move all the way to Texas. Surely they can help with a move in the same state," another follower replied.

Other comments were framed as questions such as, "Why didn't your family help you? They seem pretty practiced in the moving and decorating phase. Only asking because I think in a move you need all the help you can get. I do," and, "I'm just curious but, why didn't your brothers help?"

"Are your sisters going to help decorate?" one other person asked.

The site also notes that none of Duggar's family members have left any supportive or encouraging comments on her post.

While many are wondering if Duggar and Dillard are on the outs with her family, a couple of fans have offered possible explanations as to why they were not around for the move.

"Most of the family is at a conference in Big Sandy, [Texas]," one fan said. "Michelle [Duggar] has been posting updates for a few days now. Just because the family may not have helped with the move, that doesn't mean there is a falling out."

Some fans have also chosen not to engage in the discussion at all, and are simply posting supportive comments for Duggar.


"Congratulations guys!!! I got tickled at the one picture in the kids room with towels hanging over the windows for curtains," someone wrote. "I did that to when we first moved in with towels and sheets until my blinds arrived!!! Us women know how to work it!!! God bless your family and all the memories you make in your new place!! I'm so happy for you!!"

At this time, no one from the Duggar family appears to have commented on the fan-speculated fallout.