'Jersey Shore' Fans Wreck Vinny Guadagnino for How He Broke It off With 'Double Shot at Love' Winner

Vinny Guadagnino and Alysse Joyner are no longer together after the end of Double Shot at Love, and some fans are dragging the reality star for why the relationship fizzled out. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star claimed he wanted to continue the relationship outside of the show but claimed things ended quickly once cameras stopped rolling.

As first reported by InTouch, Guadagnino claimed long distance caused the spark between him and Joyner to die out, Joyner however, claimed the reality star ghosted her after the show.

It seems like fans have been taking Joyner's side, as the 31-year-old started getting trolled on social media after the contestant shared the details on the end of the relationship.

In a post of himself staring at his phone on July 3, captioned, "Watching English bulldog videos," fans called him out for ignoring his supposed love.

"More like not texting Alysse back," one person wrote.

Another user added, "Idk why you and [Pauly D] make 'dating shows' when it's clearly not what you guys want... I liked you guys but you treated the girls badly, mainly Alysse."

A third user wrote: "You seemed like a good kid and well grounded. After watching a Double Shot of Love — WOW! I didn't realize how insecure you are."

Vinny broke the news about his and Joyner's supposed split on June 27 on Twitter.

"Unfortunately, Alysse and I weren't allowed to see each other publicly after filming for 5 months until the finale aired to not spoil the ending," he explained at the time. "Very weird situation to be put in after the finale. I struggled to keep it alive through text. Still think she's amazing. Wish her the best."

Fans seemed to take the explanation until Joyner responded with her side of the story.

"BULLS—TTTTTTT," she said. "If you liked me soooo much you would wanna text me, nothing that came out yo mouth made sense, sound stupid."

"The funniest thing is, [Vinny Guadagnino] kept asking me who I'm close to in the house, I've been said [Maria Elizondo] and this dumb ass still hits her up (knowing we're friends) but couldn't text me back," she added a day after.

(Photo: Twitter/Alysse Joyner)

Fans replied to Joyner's tweet, insulting Guadagnino for his behavior. "A whole clown," one user wrote of the Jersey Shore personality.


"MTV didn't care about y'all especially nikki, but they SAVED pauly and vinny with their editing and how short they made the reunion. these men are toxic and it showed me them in a whole new light," another user wrote.

Ready for more Pauly and Vinny? Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 premieres July 11 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.