Jenni 'JWoww’ Farley's Ex Roger Mathews Calls People 'Sheep' for Following Social Distancing Guidelines

Roger Mathews, the ex-husband of Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley, is calling people "sheep" for following social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. Mathews shared a video from the YouTube comedian J.P. Sears, who has more than 1 million subscribers and has recently published videos parodying the coronavirus response. Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases and deaths from complications of the virus in New Jersey and the rest of the country continue to climb.

Mathews shared one of Sears' video "How social distancing rules are created" in which Sears jokes that a janitor came up with many of the guidelines. "Spot on," Mathews wrote on Instagram. "In a world of sheep, be a sheepdog." Sears published the video on YouTube Tuesday, and it has over 275,000 views. "Perhaps this is how social distancing rules are created. Social distancing guidelines are always created by the most intelligent individuals with the most amount of common sense," Sears wrote in the video's description.

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On Saturday, Mathews' home state of New Jersey reported 25 new deaths from coronavirus complications and 303 new positive tests, reports Since New Jersey's first case of the coronavirus was reported in March, there have been 15,189 deaths linked to COVID-19 and 173,033 positive cases. There are 983 patients hospitalized with the virus in 29 of the state's 71 hospitals Friday night. While many states continue to see coronavirus cases climb daily, the Garden State has seen a dramatic fall since the peak in mid-April. Gov. Phil Murphy has asked travelers from 16 states with surging numbers to self-quarantine for 14 days when arriving to slow the spread.

Mathews and Farley were married from 2015 to 2019 and are parents to daughter Meilani and son Greyson. Mathews is now dating Danielle Miele. In an interview with Champion Daily in March, Mathews said he and Farley were "sticking to our parenting schedule and our children... like all other children here in America- are no longer in school, but rather doing their curriculum from home as provided by the school. Kids are resilient and it's likely they won’t even remember this time in their long term memory."

Back in March, Farley joined forces with Eat Clean Bro, a food delivery service, to donate meals to the Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune. "I wanted to do something to help during this time, since hospitals are our frontline, and they are forced to be in harm's way to protect everyone else," she told USA Today at the time. The MTV star wanted "to help them directly to show appreciation for them, so they know we are truly thinking of them during these very difficult times for everybody."