Jenelle Evans Slams E! News, Says 'Host Claims She Wants to Shoot Me and My Husband'

Jenelle Evans slammed E! News after claiming that one of its hosts threatened to shoot her and husband David Eason. Evans, 27, took to Twitter Monday morning to claim that the entertainment news website "just had their host claim she wants to shoot me and my husband."

(Photo: Twitter / Jenelle Evans)

It's unclear what alleged comment the Teen Mom 2 alum is referring to, as she shared no other details.

The accusation comes after Evans denied rumors that she used Eason's shooting and killing of the family dog in May as a publicity stunt. Evans has maintained that the Columbus County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina is lying about her telling them she filed an animal cruelty report against Eason "for the publicity and because she did not know where her dog was."

In a tweet from Monday morning that has since been deleted, Evans tagged E! News, writing that the organization "should talk to my mom and see what the truth is. She thinks the cops are wrong as well. She knows what was said on stand and no one said it was EVER a PR stunt."

(Photo: Twitter / Jenelle Evans)

She also wrote, "And [E! News] .. I have my kids back. I would appreciate it if you stop reporting it as if I don't."

Evans and Eason temporarily lost custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, as well as Evans' 5-year-old son Kaiser and Eason's 11-year-old daughter Maryssa, after Eason shot and killed the family's French bulldog, Nugget. The children have since been reinstated under Evans and Eason's custody, but not until after a month-long battle in court. Evans was fired by MTV during the ordeal.

Monday morning, Evans claimed that the same thing would happen to anyone in her position. "If you were on TV the same thing [losing her kids] would happen to any of you," she wrote, adding that Child Protective Services "conducted themselves" illegally amid untrue allegations.

"None of you can stand the fact my family is back together. I'm a damn good mom, regardless of anyone else's opinion. Don't let anyone bring you down!" she tweeted.


She doubled down Monday that the reports saying she used the incident for publicity are "not true."

"I'm am [sic] having major talks with my lawyer about everything. I have NEVER said any incident was a PR stunt and would never stoop that low. Don't believe what you read. My family is trying to recover and everyone's making it worse," she wrote.