Jenelle Evans Receives an Unlikely Defense Against Trolls of Her TikTok Dance Moves

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans might not be the best dancer on TikTok, but her ex Kieffer Delp isn't [...]

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans might not be the best dancer on TikTok, but her ex Kieffer Delp isn't allowing Twitter trolls to make fun of her. Evans was shamed recently for her dancing on social media, many made fun of her for having "no rhythm" when it comes to the TikTok trends. Delp was recently released from prison last month after being caught violating his parole. He originally faced meth-related charges.

The clip circulating on social media shows Evans outdoors dancing to the Soulja Boy's viral 2007 song "Yahhh!" Shortly after, it was retweeted with various good and bad quotes. "If 'no rhythm' was a person," someone wrote of the snippet. Delp stood up for his ex, telling the troll to "stop hating" on her. "All you n–– need to stop hating on mah b–––," he tweeted back, adding: "She up there doing her thug thizzle."

Kieffer's latest stint in prison began last October. Following his release, he made sure to send out a few tweets to his Teen Mom fans, letting them know he was out and about. "For nobody that thought I was gonna max out my bid in the doc and not write no pieces yu had it fucked up I got a few pieces on deck," he wrote on March 19. The Sun originally reported his October arrest after a Pennsylvania prison confirmed he was arrested for the parole violation in connection to his case, in which he was charged with operating a meth lab. He served 18 to 36 months in a state correctional institution in with three years probation. Though, he was arrested again only six days after finishing his sentence. He was originally arrested in February 2020 for an outstanding warrant for jumping bail in New Jersey.

Kieffer Delp and Jenelle Evans dated off and on for two years. The last time the former couple reunited was in 2016 after she split up with male model Nathan –– with whom, she shares a son named Kaiser. Prior to, the couple made up one other time in 2012, before she became engaged to Gary Head.