Jenelle Evans' Husband David Eason Charged With Child Abuse Over Alleged Incident With Her Son Jace

TMZ reports that David Eason has been charged with child abuse after a case involving Jenelle Evans' 14-year-old son, Jace. TMZ reports that they are unsure of the circumstances surrounding Eason's charges, but an investigation was opened after Jace ran away from home, and the charge is a misdemeanor.

In September, Jace ran into the woods after sneaking out of the window at Eason and Evans' house. Since it was Jace's third runaway within about a month, police investigated the case as possible neglect. The exact details of what happened are unclear, but TMZ reports that both police and child protective services had video of an assault involving Jace. Evans hasn't been charged yet, but law enforcement sources told the outlet she may face charges in the future.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources claim the investigation into the couple will be over soon after Jace is questioned following his third disappearance. In accordance with police sources, Jace reported that David assaulted him, and he had visible marks on his neck and arms. TMZ reported that this led to a much more serious situation.

Eason is the 14-year-old's stepfather; Jace is also Evans' oldest child. Just earlier in 2023, she had fought her mother, Barbara, for custody of her son and regained it. In the aftermath of Evans' initial loss of custody, her mother had been caring for Jace. In response to TMZ's report and other reports, Evans praised Eason and denied an arrest was imminent.

"No matter how bad you want us charged, I want to tell you right now, I have done everything as a parent, and I have crossed by T's and dotted my I's," she said. "So if you want to try to catch me slippin', you're not going to. You're not gonna scare me. My mother's tactics are not gonna scare me. And my son is gonna get the help that he deserves."

According to The Ashley, Evans and Eason cannot have any contact with her son, but Evans praised her husband and denied the allegations. "I want to give my husband the most support and props that a man can ever have! Because he has the most patience I've ever seen out of any human being right now," she says in a video posted Saturday. "He's bein' accused of some horrible, horrible s— that is not true."

"It just makes me really sad for David," she adds. "Because David is just, like, taking all these punches, rollin' with it. Not displaying s—." Apparently, this isn't exactly true, and Eason has commented publicly. Additionally, she said that her children love Eason and that "no matter what you guys say, it's not going to change how my children are treated at home."