Jenelle Evans Shares Photos of Hurricane Florence Devastation, Hits Back at Critics

Jenelle Evans shared photos of the damage left behind in her hometown after Hurricane Florence swept through North Carolina last weekend. The Teen Mom 2 star also hit back at critics who were not pleased with her response to the storm.

"This is the raw, real, truth. Let's not point fingers about who should have done what with their families. Let's come together and rebuild our state," Evans wrote on Instagram Saturday, in response to her critics. She included the hashtags "Wake Up Call," "Hurricane Florence" and "Rain Ran Go Away."

The photos included one of stepdaughter Maryssa, 11, looking outside her family's truck, another showing husband David Eason cutting a tree trunk and one of herself standing on a downed tree. Other photos showed the devastation left by the storm, from a flooded gas station to a crumbled road.

Evans has been chronicling her experience with the storm and its aftermath. Many of her tweets were met with criticism from those who do not think she took the storm seriously enough.

"Roads are still collapsing left and right, dams are breaking across NC, doctors offices are closed. This is some really scary stuff to go through. I'm so grateful to have my family home and safe," Evans wrote on Sunday.

"If you evacuated in the first place maybe you wouldn't have to go through the 'really scary stuff,'" one follower replied.

"Now you're scared? Are you finally are taking this seriously?" another added.

"She just wants the attention. There's a reason why she stayed so we can feel sympathy for her," another accused.

In another tweet Sunday morning, Evans added, "Material items don't mean anything but family is E V E R Y T H I N G."

Even this comment drew hits from critics, who wondered why she was just realizing this.

But Evans was prepared to hit back. In addition to the Instagram response, she also shared a photo of an empty grocery store, adding, "Come on #NC. #Truth." She also included a sad emoji.

On Sept. 16, she also fired back at critics who were not happy with a bikini photo she shared during the storm. "No s–, I meant that caption as in my children are safe and comfortable. Always taking my words and twist them to make it sound negative," she snapped back.

Evans did share some serious concerns during the storm. She was nervous about her mother, whose town faced major flooding.

"My mom's town is washing out slowly. Boiling Springs, Bolivia, and people in Winnabow, I hope everyone is ok. Hang in there! Going on day 3 with no power in most areas, including mine. I feel so bad for my mom and her home. Prayers please," Evans wrote.


Evans was just one of millions in the path of Hurricane Florence, which made landfall in North Carolina on Sept. 14. Although the storm made landfall as a Category 1, it still caused significant damage and flooding in the Carolinas. At least 42 deaths have been linked to the storm, reports CBS News.

Photo credit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans