Jenelle Evans' Husband Accused of Beating Son in Nathan Griffith 911 Call

The drama between Jenelle Evans and ex Nathan Griffith's and his family is getting more and more complicated as a new surfaced 911 call could explain their recent custody dispute.

The drama took place Sunday, after Griffith refused to return his son Kaiser to Evans after he discovered bruises on the 4-year-old boy.

The 911 call, released by Radar Online, finds Griffiths reporting the alleged abuse, which he claims was done by Evans' husband David Eason.

"I received my child and he has marks all over him," Nathan can be heard saying in the chilling phone call obtained from Columbus County Emergency Services in North Carolina. "I have pictures from the day I picked him up from yesterday... there is bruising now."

Nathan claimed he found the bruising while wiping the four-year-old. "That's when we saw the marks. We asked him about it and he said David hit him with a stick," Nathan said on the call.

Over the weekend, a video was leaked showing Nathan asking Kaiser, "Who put the marks on your butt?" "David," Kaiser replied in the video, posted by deadbeatmom_jenelle on Instagram.

Griffith continued to insist the bruises were a sign of abuse, despite reports police never called him back.

"It's fair bruising now. Nobody is taking it seriously. He's four! The sheriff told me if it's a form of punishment it's okay. This is not okay!" Nathan yelled.

"I'm freaking out right now because I'm supposed to be dropping him off at 5 and I don't want to give him back," Nathan finished the call.

Radar reported earlier that Evans is "enraged" by her ex's family, including Griffith's mom Doris Davidson, refusing to return her son to her.

"She's trying to go to court this morning. A second source reportedly confirmed the situation to Radar Monday.

Eason has been accused of abusing Evans in the past, and has been seen yelling at the children on Teen Mom 2. But Evans has repeatedly defended her husband, even posting a photo of the gift Kaiser gave him for Father's Day on Monday.

"My kid is one of a kind that's for sure!" she captioned the photo. "When asked to make a #FathersDay gift the first person he thought of was David. He refused to make another gift for his biological dad. The impact my husband has had on my son has been truly remarkable. When others didn't step up, David did. Sometimes all you do as a parent goes unnoticed until your child comes home with a sweet gift like this one from school. The bond between them will forever inseparable no matter what tries to come in-between them. (Kaisers teacher wrote his answers for him) 💕💋 #FamilyFirst #LatePost"


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