Jenelle Evans Hospitalized After Incident at Party

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans was hospitalized over the weekend after police were called to her [...]

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans was hospitalized over the weekend after police were called to her North Carolina home.

According to a representative for the MTV reality star, who spoke to PEOPLE, the incident occurred on Saturday, Oct. 13, just before 10 p.m. after Evans "ended up tripping and falling by the fire," resulting in an emergency call placed by Evans' husband David Eason.

The Teen Mom star had reportedly had friends over for a bonfire on her property that night.

An ambulance was requested at the time but later cancelled, and Evans was "transported to the hospital via private vehicle instead."

The chief of 911 operations for Columbus County, North Carolina, where the call came in, told the outlet that the call initially came in as "an assault," and the Columbus County Sheriff's Office told Us Weekly that responding officers "advised [Evans] of the legal action she could take," but no incident report was taken.

News of the hospitalization comes just days after the Teen Mom 2 star underwent a septoplasty and a balloon sinusplasty to correct her deviated septum. The surgeries left it easier for her to breathe, as well as allowed her to smell and taste better than she had previously been able to.

The 26-year-old, who stated on Instagram that she was having a "rough" and "extremely painful" recovery, clarified that she had not gone to a plastic surgeon for the procedure, but rather an ear, nose and throat doctor.

"Septoplasty and Balloon Sinusplasty , I had 2 surgeries done," she wrote on her Twitter account. "Just to also mention I had the prodcedure [sic] done by an ENT, not a plastic surgeon."

Despite the difficult recovery, Evans announced that she had recently had her "nose splints out and this is a miracle!!!!!! I've never smelled or tasted food this great in my life."

"I recommend it to be able to breathe again but it is EXTREMELY painful. I woke up dying in pain. Bad headaches for days and coughing up crazy things," she added in another tweet.

Evans is not the only member of the Evans-Eason family to spend time in the hospital. In October, her son, 4-year-old Kaiser, underwent an adenoidectomy to install drainage tubes and help his hearing.

"My poor bubba! After many many doctors appointments and tests… Kaiser had to get tubes in his ears and his adenoids removed like I did when I was little," Evans wrote at the time. "Hearing test showed his hearing was down by 40% and now his ears have already improved, super happy for him! Prayers please for a speedy recovery, thanks!"