Jenelle Evans' Husband Files 'Motion of Contempt' Against Mother of His Child

Jenelle Evans' husband has filed a "motion of contempt" against the mother of his son as part of a brutal ongoing custody battle between the two.

David Eason has never been shown with his young son Kaden on Teen Mom 2, but according to Radar Online, he has told a judge that mother Olivia Leedham refuses to let him see the boy. In February 2017, the two agreed to a visitation schedule, according to the publication, but in new documents filed in North Carolina, he accuses his ex of refusing to let him see the child since.

"Plaintiff has communicated to Defendant that she has unilaterally decided to cease any contact or communication between Defendant and the minor child," court documents obtained by the publication state.

Eason said that Leedham did not allow him to see their child during the agreed upon time. Leedham previously had a restraining order against Eason.

"Plaintiff does not support the importance of Defendant's continuing presence in the minor child's life and is not willing to create a positive environment for the minor child's development by ensuring defendants continuing relationship with the minor child," the documents continue.

Eason also claimed that Leedham "does not recognize the importance of allowing the minor child to freely love both parents and does not encourage the minor child to respect and love Defendant."

He also slammed his ex for allowing her boyfriend to be involved in the parenting of his son.

"Plaintiff has refused to be respectful of Defendant's parenting role and Plaintiff has allowed her current boyfriend to be overly involved in the parenting of the minor child to the extent that Plaintiff encourages the minor child to call her boyfriend 'dad' or 'daddy,'" the court documents said.

Evans and Eason share daughter Ensley, who just turned 1 years old this week, and live with Evans' 3-year-old son Kaiser, whom she shares with ex Nathan Griffith, and Maryssa, Eason's 9-year-old daughter.

Evans does have another son, 8-year-old Jace, whom she had with ex Andrew Lewis, but the little boy lives with her mom, Barbara Evans. Jace's custody has been a contentious issue between the mother-daughter duo for years, with abuse allegations flying on both sides.

The 26-year-old even went as far as to not invite her mom to her summer wedding to Eason, which he mom attributes to her refusal to hand over Jace and accept Eason into the family.

"David has alienated her from me," she says. "She has chosen David over her own family and that's just how it is."

When her friend suggests she make nice with Eason and allow Jenelle to have split custody of her son Jace, Barbara says she won't do it.


"I'm not getting along with David. I will not," she said. "Then you'll never have a relationship with Jenelle," her friend responded.

Photo credit: MTV