Jenelle Evans' Latest Photo Over 'Calling Social Services' Has 'Teen Mom' Fans Sounding Off

Teen Mom 2 fans are reacting after former series star Jenelle Evans threatened to call "social services" on her family in her latest Instagram post.

Evans, who was fired by MTV earlier this year following her husband David Eason's shooting death of their family dog, took to Instagram shortly after appearing in a North Carolina court on Tuesday, June 3, to learn the next steps in her ongoing custody battle.

"I'm calling SOCIAL SERVICES on MY FAMILY," she captioned of a photo of herself and 2-year-old daughter Ensley, who is currently in the custody of her mother, Barbara Evans.

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The caption immediately had fans sounding off in the comments section of the post, many slamming the Teen Mom alum for continuing to post on social media when her family life is in ruins.

"Girl get off Instagram and get your damn kids back....... Why is it such a hard choice to choose between a boy and your kids?" another wrote, referring to Evans' continued statements that she will not be leaving her husband despite his violent nature.

"If you do that they will just put them in foster care!!" one fan warned. "Please don't."

"U do realize if they take her from your mom she's not going back with you and will end up with strangers," another wrote.

In the article that Evans directed her followers to, she spoke to Us Weekly about her strained relationship with her brother, Colin, who reportedly shared a video to Twitter of Ensley in "distress and crying."

"This video was sent to my phone today of my daughter being in extreme distress and crying for her 'Mommy,'" Evans explained. "I have no clue why this video was posted by my brother."

Evans added that she is not currently in contact with her brother and that she has since reported the incident to authorities.

"I do not speak to him and do not want him around any children with the state of mind that Colin is in," she said. "This has already been reported by authorities and taking the correct steps to handle this situation the best we can."

The article also contained a quote in which Evans claimed that her relationship with her mother, Barbara, is "destroyed" due to the custody battle, which has seen her two other children, sons Jace, 9, and Kaiser, 4, also removed from her care.

The statement came just after the former MTV reality TV star had become involved in a heated argument with her mother in the parking lot following her Tuesday court appearance.


During the conflict, which was captured by TMZ, the two had exchanged words after Evans gave her daughter a hug. Barbara had suggested that the incident was "only for the cameras," and Evans had told paparazzi that he was "happy I got this moment. [Barbara] blocked my number."

Currently, Evans and Eason have been unsuccessful in their attempts to regain custody of their children, with a judge denying them temporary custody earlier this month.