Jacob Roloff Responds to Fans After 4th of July Photo Sparks Outrage

Little People Big World family member Jacob Roloff angered a number of fans on Instagram Wednesday [...]

Little People Big World family member Jacob Roloff angered a number of fans on Instagram Wednesday when he posted an image of himself stepping on an American flag.

The backlash from the politically-charged photo made its way to Amy Roloff's account later in the day, with outraged comments flooding a post she put up wishing her fans a happy July 4th.

"You might want to teach your youngest son, it's very disrespectful to step on a flag and post a picture of. It's very disrespectful," wrote one fan, while another commented how "shocked" they were.

"I deleted him he is not someone I want to follow on on social [media]," added another.

The photo was eventually removed and Roloff took to his Instagram story to defend himself.

(Photo: Instagram/@jacobroloff45)

"For everyone ASTOUNDED at my political views ... they are not new," Roloff wrote. "And they are inseparable from who I am."

While a number of fans reported Roloff, many supported him and his views, with one writing how if you don't agree you can "unfollow" the TLC star. Roloff replied to the comment with the hashtag, F— Trump.

Roloff has been outspoken in the past about his political views, being a harsh critic of President Donald Trump and various conservative viewpoints.

2018 has turned out to be an eventful year for the 21-year-old former reality show personality. In January he revealed that he and his girlfriend Isabel Rock got engaged while on Christmas vacation in Iceland.

"We are finally ready to share with everyone... WE ARE ENGAGED!!!," Rock wrote on Instagram in late January, posting photos of the two from when Roloff propsed on a frozen lake.

In May, he revealed in his new book Out to See that he explained why he was done appearing on his family's TLC show.

"Among so many things, I simply did not want this ridiculous reality TV to use up so much of my time, lest it leave too deep an imprint on my ability to influence the world otherwise," he wrote. "I did not want this imposition to become my identity, and so I rebelled in the manner that I did, and eventually exited the show."

He went on to say he hated how his family members were portrayed as "characters" on the show, and called into question the validity of any of their actions that have aired in episodes.

"This was my meaning in saying the 'Roloff Characters' in the past; not that the real people are characters or deliberately acting; but whichever Roloff you think you know is in a fact shown character — sculpted specifically to entice and convince you to keep this channel on," he continued.

Elsewhere in the book he revealed he had previously been expelled from elementary school.

Rumors of Roloff and Rock expecting their first child began to spread months after the engagement was announced. Rock responded to those rumors in May by jokingly writing "I can see my summer bod is coming in nicely," as she screencapped a few speculative comments.