'Jackass' Star Bam Margera's Mother Calls Him out During 'Dr. Phil' Appearance

Bam Margera's upcoming sit-down on Dr. Phil is looking like it will be more intense than anyone expected, with the former Jackass star being called out by his mom and Dr. Phil McGraw himself in a sneak peek of the Sept. 9 episode published by TMZ Wednesday. After Margera reached out to the daytime TV doc ahead of checking into rehab, the MTV star's mom, April Margera, didn't hold back when confronting his son about his recent behavior.

Watch the preview here.

'You are addicted to drama and entitlement!" she tells his via video conference as he shouts, "I don't want to ever talk to you ever again!"

Bam's wife, Nicole Boyd, also makes an appearance in the interview, sitting silently as he yells at her, "You don't listen! You don't follow rules!"

The outburst earns a rebuke from Dr. Phil who tells him, "You've just been yelling at her … that's just abusive!"

It's high stakes for Margera, who tells Dr. Phil in the preview that he's given up hope with other doctors when it comes to getting his life on track. "Last person is Dr. Phil or I give up," he proclaims.

Soon after filming the interview, Margera checked into a rehab facility, but left after just a few days, TMZ reported at the time. Early in the morning on Aug. 14, the former pro skater was arrested following a fight in a Hollywood hotel bar after allegedly causing a scene and refusing to leave. A little more than a week later, a message on Margera's social media informed fans he would be re-entering rehab and unavailable until Sept. 6.

Three days after the message was posted, Margera took to Instagram with a quickly deleted post in which he revealed he was admitted to the hospital due to edema, swelling caused by excess fluid that is trapped in the body's tissues.

"Adema (sic) sucks but i will be fine and out in a few hours, either reaction to new medicine to detoxing from i guess a bit of alchohol (sic) from two weeks ago when i had the pleasure to go to jail," Margera wrote alongside a since-deleted photo of him in a hospital bed.

Two days later, TMZ spotted Margera walking out of a restaurant in Los Angeles with one of his rehab sponsors, telling the camera he was doing "actually really good" and still in treatment.


Margera's interview with Dr. Phil will air on CBS Sept. 9.

Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images