'Home Town': Ben Napier Recovering From Surgery

Erin Napier captured her husband on the mend to close out the week, revealing that Ben Napier was recovering from surgery and was currently under the care of the "best nurse in the biz."

"Rotator cuff repaired. Bone spur shaved off. Cartilage trimmed. Best nurse in the biz," Napier wrote in the caption of the photo. The HGTV star's hand makes an appearance holding a note and some loose wildflowers. The note was full of cartoon hearts and had daughter Helen's name listed.

You can catch some of her handy work on top of Ben Napier's lap. While he's still got his IV bandage and ID bracelet attached, he's also got a ton of company in the form of stuffed animals. Big, small, and fuzzy, including what looks like a sock-dog puppet, a tiny duckling, and a big-eyed potential copyright suit that looks like Totoro.

The surgery was a long time coming for Napier, who had been working while nursing the tear according to a prior post from his wife. "Somehow despite having a torn rotator cuff and us barging in and slowing him down daily, [Ben Napier] has been building a gym in the barn and lost many lbs. and holy smokes what a babe with good blood pressure," she captioned the post.

Health issues and caregiving are not new pieces of the Napier puzzle these days. As PEOPLE notes, Erin Napier is the one who is used to be taken care of by her loved ones. The couple wrote about her health struggles and her mystery illness in their memoir, Make Something Good Today. "It was a really sad and scary and confusing ten years," according to Erin Napier, but her husband was there each step and took care of her.

Doctors would eventually discover the reason, labeling it a perforated appendix that had been bursting and healing repeatedly for a decade. After that discovery, things are going a little smoother for the couple. The second season of Home Town Takeover premieres on April 23.