'Grown & Gospel' Star Bree Hammond Talks 'Family Business,' Reveals 'Strained' Relationship With Famous Dad in WE tv Series Premiere (Exclusive Clip)

The self-proclaimed King of Reality TV, Carlos King, is bringing gospel music fans a new reality series, Grown & Gospel. Per an official logline from we TV, the show "is a docu-series following five, career-driven childhood friends searching for success in the Detroit gospel scene and beyond. Navigating the murky waters of the music industry and hustling to step out of the shadows of their prominent parents…this close-knit crew grapples with their strict upbringing and high standards as they push toward being the new generation of Gospel. Hearts are broken, dark secrets revealed, as they work to make names for themselves in the music scene and balance their personal lives with career ambition." 

Daughter of Grammy award winner Fred Hammond, Breeann Hammond returns to Detroit, to the surprise of her childhood friends. She's dedicated to making her musical dreams a reality, and hopes to collaborate with a few of her co-stars. But without nepotism via her father due to their estranged relationship, she must prove her talent and skill through hard work alone. She's away from her husband, which doesn't make it easy on her.

In an exclusive clip from the premiere episode, Breann talks about her stagnant career. "It's definitely all or nothing. I have a musical time clock that's ticking," she says. "I'm trying to figure out how to be where I want to be because right now, I'm not there."

She speaks to her mother and brother about her strained relationship with her dad. Her parents split when she was 16, and things became distant then.

"The strain on my relationship with my father has affected my career," she says. "I always wanted to follow in his footsteps, but it's almost like, I would want a relationship that's centered on closeness. I just want my dad."