Gordon Ramsay Is Unrecognizable as He Dresses as a Woman for '24 Hours to Hell and Back'

In an episode of Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back last month, the celebrity chef went [...]

In an episode of Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back last month, the celebrity chef went undercover as a woman to find out what was going wrong at the Richmond, Virginia restaurant Southern Kitchen. Ramsay was almost unrecognizable as "Libby Lou," even adding a prosthetic nose to go with the long blonde wig and makeup. He pretended to be a member of an all-female book club to see how the restaurant treats its guests.

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Ramsay shared a clip from the episode on his Instagram page before the episode aired back on Feb. 11. He also apologized to his wife, Tana Ramsay, with whom Ramsay shares five children.

"Liddy Lou, ready for a ladies' lunch. Trust me, this one's going to be a page turner," Ramsay teased his viewers.

The only people in the restaurant who knew Ramsay was under all that make-up were the other members of the book club. Once they sat down, Ramsay pointed out all the issues the restaurant faced as their meals arrived. He then complained to the employees before finally revealing his true identity.

The episode was filmed back in late October 2019. Although owner Shane Roberts-Thomas got Ramsay's unique brand of tough love, she later told WWBT it was a humbling experience.

"Initially, I was a little offended. I was like it's nothing wrong with my restaurant," Roberts-Thomas said. "It was so humbling."

Roberts-Thomas said she also learned to take a step back and not be so controlling, not only at the restaurant, but at home as well. Ramsay helped her realize the businesses' true potential, she said.

"He taught me money matters. He taught me to love myself first. Love my children first. Be responsible for your family," Roberts-Thomas said. "Overall, I learned to let go. Let go. It's OK to say you need help. It's OK. Be humble and let go sometimes."

24 Hours to Hell and Back recently finished its third season. It is similar to Kitchen Nightmares, where Ramsay helps a restaurant transform from a failing business to a success. However, in the new show, Ramsay only has 24 hours to help revive the business.

Ramsay has donned disguises for 24 Hours in the past. In the Season 3 finale on Feb. 25, Ramsay dressed up as "Hippie Hank" when he visited Bear's Den Pizza in Conway, Arkansas.

This week, an episode of Ramsay's new ITV series The Ultimate Road Trip included a revelation from the celebrity chef. He said he politely declined the opportunity to cook for President Donald Trump.

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