'Good Morning America' Crew Welcomes Robin Roberts Back to Studio With Hilarious Halle Berry Prank

Robin Roberts is back in the Good Morning America studio, and the crew is welcoming her home with [...]

Robin Roberts is back in the Good Morning America studio, and the crew is welcoming her home with a sweet little prank. The anchor's Monday return felt "just like riding a bike," she reassured her co-anchors, but came with a surprise when she went to pick up her hand mirror for last-minute touches. Showing the mirror the camera, Roberts revealed that a photo of Halle Berry had been taped to the reflective surface, giving her a taste of how the people at GMA see her.

"Thank you Eddie, thank you crew," she said with a laugh on the air. "Thank you for thinking that." The practical joke certainly made viewers smile, with one person tweeting in response to the clip, "Welcome back Robin! We missed you! That's so funny!!" and another chiming in, "Hi-lar-ious."

Roberts has been hosting Good Morning America from home amid the coronavirus pandemic but returned to the studio as the show puts in place safety measures including sanitization, testing and mask-wearing. Sharing a video from her dressing room Monday, Roberts explained that her set-up "looks a little different," as she isn't in her bathrobe, but showed off her slippers, joking, "Some things are not going to change."

After sharing a morning message and prayer, a masked crew member dropped off Roberts' heels for the day. "There's a lot that I missed being here, but I did not miss these," she quipped. Reflecting on the uncertain days ahead, she closed her video with a hopeful message for her followers. "Detours and twists, but together we are here," she told everyone, telling them to "have a blessed day."

Roberts began hosting GMA in March, telling viewers at the time of her "short commute" to downstairs, "Like so many, that's what we're doing, we're working from home." Because of the "escalation" in New York City and her "underlying health conditions," Roberts said at the time her doctors had recommended she work from home. "But I did bring some items from the studio — got my Good Morning America mug, good morning sunshine, and also I brought this," she said, holding up a picture frame that read, "Hope" and contained a photo of Cleveland kidnapping survivor Gina DeJesus. "She never gave up hope," Roberts said of DeJesus. "And we never should give up hope either."