'Good Bones' Star Karen Laine Gives Update Following Daughter Kelsy's Near Wedding Mishap

Despite a major setback that nearly upended her daughter Kelsy Gray's wedding, things seem to be working out for Good Bones star Karen Laine and her family. Three weeks after Gray and her longtime boyfriend, Neil, said "I do" in a romantic ceremony, Laine is providing fans with an update on the near mishap that rocked the special day.

As fans remember, Gray and Neil prepared to tie the knot earlier this month, but their reception plans were thrown for a loop when the band Huckleberry Funk — which had initially been booked — "bailed on her minutes before the event for another gig." The incident sparked plenty of controversy and contempt, though things seem to now be smoothed over. On Tuesday, the Good Bones star took to Instagram with another update, writing that her cat "River is pleased that the issues with Huckleberry Funk have been resolved to the parties mutual satisfaction."

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The reception band saga had begun in early November, on the very day that Gray and her now-husband were set to walk down the aisle. In a series of posts and videos shared to Good Bones star Mina Starsiak Hawk's Instagram Story, it was revealed that although Huckleberry Funk had been "paid in full" and had initially been in attendance, the group left due to a double booking. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Laine, who dubbed the band as "the now hated and reviled" group prior to recently working out their differences, had explained that the group had "bailed" just "minutes before the event."

Thankfully, Gray and her husband were not left high and dry. A different band, The Indigos, stepped in at the "very last minute" to save the day. Starsiak Hawk at the time said that the band was "so fun," and Laine had praised them in that deleted post, sharing that her family was "so glad" that they "were able to step in for Kelsy's wedding."

Fans certainly seem happy that the saga has ended in some resolution. On Laine's Tuesday post, the comments filled with happy comments, with fan writing, "I'm happy you got that sorted out." Another commented, "Wonderful! But still, shame on them for bailing on y'all. Tsk Tsk." A third follower said, "great news!"