'Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine' Returns for Season 2, Get Your First Exclusive Look

Dave Turin may have proved there's still a fortune to be made in America's abandoned mines, but in Season 2 of Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine, the veteran miner is out to prove it wasn't all a fluke as he and his team double down to bring home an even bigger payday. Ahead of the hit Discovery show's season premiere on Friday, Feb. 21 at 9 p.m. ET, accompanied by a mid-form series about the show on the DiscoveryGO app, PopCulture.com can bring you all the exclusive details about what awaits Turin and his team as they take on the Montana wilderness in search of a jackpot.

There are more than 3,500 abandoned mines stretching out across Montana, and Turin is convinced that somewhere in the earth could be the biggest paydirt of his career, but finding it will require him to dig into the area's history and read the land like never before.

With a crew behind him trusting in the skilled miner's ability to bring home their 400 ounces gold goal ($600,000 at today's price) this season, "Dozer Dave" Turin is up against the clock as he searches for a fruitful mine before the ground freezes over for the winter.

There's even more of Turin's journey that fans can tune in for, as Gold Rush's first multiplatform series also includes a mid-form series airing on DiscoveryGO. In the series, Turin explores the history of each mine and prospects the land to see which mine is his best bet to take home the gold.

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Season 2 premieres Friday, Feb. 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery and DiscoveryGO.


Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine is produced for Discovery Channel by Raw TV, with Peter Campion, Mike Griffiths and Sam Maynard as executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Carter Figueroa and John Slaughter serve as executive producers with Jessica Mollo serving as associate producer.

Photo credit: Discovery