'Ghost Hunters' Star Mustafa Gatollari Teases 'No One Will Guess' Outcome of Latest Home Investigation (Exclusive)

On Wednesday night’s episode of A&E’s Ghost Hunters, the crew led by Grant Wilson, not only [...]

On Wednesday night's episode of A&E's Ghost Hunters, the crew led by Grant Wilson, not only return to investigate longstanding unexplained activity at the famous St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida, but the team also comes to the aid of a woman alleging paranormal harassment and torture by unseen forces in her Hanover, Pennsylvania home.

After repeatedly getting scratched and even being thrown down the stairs by paranormal activity, the team investigates after Deanna Simpson and her husband, Tom decide to flee their once, regarded dream home for good. However, before leaving, she enlists the help of Wilson and his team to bring closure and answer why she has suffered years of mysterious torment in the hopes to ensure future residents will not suffer similar circumstances.

Upon the team's investigation of the house, they soon make an unexpected discovery — one that leaves paranormal investigator, Mustafa Gatollari, as well as his fellow members, experiencing some unusual energy and immense shock as Simpson unknowingly leads the team to a huge break in the case. In an exclusive with PopCulture.com about one of the two cases featured in the episode, "Return to St. Augustine," airing Wednesday, Sept. 4, Gatollari admits ahead of showtime that the case involving Simpson was one that left the whole team "totally surprised."

"I was completely surprised by what we found," Gatollari told PopCulture.com. "I'm always very, very, very firmly rooted on the ground. All the home investigations that I conducted — that's what I mostly did before I joined the Ghost Hunters team — I wanted to find practical explanations for why people are experiencing hauntings. Are they really hauntings? Is there some type of energy that they're bringing into the home, or unanswered questions, or unresolved things and conflicts in their own lives?"

The New Jersey native goes on to reveal that the case with Simpson was one that caught everyone off guard, emotionally too.

"It's extremely, extremely emotional and I will say, it's one of the more surprising experiences," Gatollari said. "I will say, no one will guess what's going to happen and what we find in Deanna's house. It's extremely, extremely surprising. We debunk a lot of stuff easily, but we're presented with some things that we could've never imagined, that I don't think fans are ready for it. It hit me out of left field. I was like, 'What?' No idea."

Without spoiling it for fans ahead of its premiere tonight, Gatollari admits it's going to be an investigation chock full of surprises.

"Something unexpected occurred during the investigation that kind of blew everyone's minds away," he said of the episode's findings. "And it's super, super cool."

Ghost Hunters airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

Photo credit: A&E Networks