'Ghost Hunters' Star Brandon Alvis Opens up About Jaw-Dropping Ghostly Encounter and Unique Technique (Exclusive)

On Wednesday’s penultimate episode of Ghost Hunters’ first season on A&E, the second edition [...]

On Wednesday's penultimate episode of Ghost Hunters' first season on A&E, the second edition in the evening's double feature found Grant Wilson and his team of investigators heading down to Louisiana to help a woman worried her family-owned sugar cane plantation stemming from the Civil War may be haunted by its dark, troubled past. With reports of countless deaths on the property over the site's 200-year history and sightings from staff of a bloody apparition in a white coat, the petrified owner seeks answers and thankfully, the team provides one very chilling conclusion.

In the tenth episode, "Blood on the Bayou," Wilson and his team head out to Vacherie to help Maureen investigate the estate, which includes the St. Joseph Plantation, Felicity Plantation and a number of slave shacks that spans across more than 2,500 acres. While the team spreads out among the grounds in an unprecedented one-night investigation, paranormal investigator, Brandon Alvis experienced a jaw-dropping encounter while investigating the Mourning Room alongside Wilson, Mustafa Gatollari and Daryl Marston, after Marston and Kristen Luman experienced some unexplained activity earlier, along with hearing voices.

Seemingly confirming previous reports of a voice, footsteps and an object moving back and forth, Alvis and the three were left stunned with their mouths gaping at what the tech manager tells PopCulture.com was something he's never witnessed before and a moment that will baffle him for years.

"I'll tell you right now, what I saw just outside the Mourning Room is something that I will never forget and something that will stick with me the rest of my life," Alvis told PopCulture.com during the wild encounter stimulated by the team's fresh technique. "I was standing there with Daryl, Mustafa, Grant, and it was insane. Completely insane. I saw what looked like the back of a white dress dragging through the threshold to the next room. I even saw lace; it was very detailed. It looked like a person."

Reiterating that there was no one in the room with them and it was on "lock down," the four investigators knew there was no one else in the area. "What I felt was intense," he said of the moment. "Again, it's something that will stick with me for the rest of my life."

Since the grounds had never been investigated prior to the team's visit, they implemented the "sanctuary technique" as a way to build trust with any intelligent entities in a short amount of time with a perimeter setup of equipment placed at each doorway. It's a method Alvis suggests is "very valuable" to his crew as they bridge the gap between entities and investigators.

"Especially in situations like this where you have a family lineage, you have people that have been there for well over a hundred years and their ancestors are there and they believe that they are still in the building," Alvis said. "It's very interesting and using the sanctuary technique really helps in that situation."

Proven effective and successful with the team's investigation in both Dr. Mericq's room and the Mourning Room, Alvis adds there aren't any cons associated with the process because it comes down to a reciprocated level of energy. "If the activity doesn't take place, the activity doesn't take place, and if there is an energy there that is intelligent, and knows that you're there and willing to interact, that's going to be beneficial."

"Even if they're intelligent and willing to interact, they will come to you," Alvis' fellow investigator, Richel Stratton shared with PopCulture.com. "If they're wanting to be known and want to interact with you, they will come to you."

The Ghost Hunters season finale airs Oct. 30 at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

Photo credit: A&E Networks