'From Not to Hot': Mama June Bawls During Argument With Boyfriend Geno Doak Amid Health Issues

It looks like 'Mama June' Shannon and Geno Doak's relationship may be beyond repair. At least, according to the latest episode of We TV's Mama June: From Hot to Not.

During the episode Doak, whom Shannon previously accused of being unfaithful, refused to take care of her while she suffered several mini-strokes, according to Daily Mail. The 43-year-old even went as far as to run away from his ailing girlfriend during the show, leaving her sobbing and pleading with him to come back.

His behavior is all the more confusing, considering he initially pushed her to seek treatment amid concerns about her health. At one point, Daily Mail reported, Doak threatened to leave Shannon, 39, for good if she didn't go to the hospital. When she said she wanted to film, Doak got fed up and stormed off.

"Please. Please, stop. Please f---ing stop!," Shannon begged during the episode of the reality show.

Shannon's daughter, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon was present during the altercation, and quickly grew frustrated with her mother. The 19-year-old questioned in a confessional interview whether her mother "really is crazy" for staying with Doak after all he'd put her through to that point.

"Maybe she does need help," Pumpkin admitted during the episode, as reported by Daily Mail.

Doak was adamant, despite 'Mama June's' pleading, that there was no point in talking. The reality TV family matriarch tried one last time to get through to her beau. She demanded that they do it "without all these cameras," to no avail. Doak offered her the keys to her car and took off once more.

He urged her to go to the hospital, revealing that if she didn't he wouldn't be there when she got home. 'Mama June' repeatedly said during the episode she felt Doak "don't f---ing care anymore" about her. He quipped back, at one point, that he didn't care because she didn't.

"Go to the f---ing hospital because I can't help you," he shouted, Daily Mail reported. "go to the f---ing hospital or I'm leaving you. Got to the f---ing hospital or we're not together anymore. Period. By."

This particular episode was filmed not long before 'Mama June' and Doak were arrested following a call to 911 alleging that they were having a domestic dispute. TMZ later reported that the couple was arrested on drug charges after officers found that they were in possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. The outlet has since reported that their lawyer, George B. Bulls, filed a request to be taken off the case due to issues contacting the pair. He alleged that 'Mama June' and Doak's refusal to speak with him proved they "failed to comply" with their attorney/client agreement.


As a result of the arrest, Doak was ordered to stay away from 'Mama June', The Blast reported. The outlet revealed that the couple did not appear to be complying with the order, however. They were seen together at the Wind Creek Montgomery, a casino in Alabama, in early May, The Blast said. TMZ reported that 'Mama June' attempted to lift the order in March, with her now-former attorney arguing that it was a "misunderstanding" and she depends on Doak because "she is partially blind."

Daily Mail reported that 'Mama June' had been suffering transient ischemic attacks, also known as mini-strokes, for some time. The condition produces the same symptoms of a stroke, but lasts only a few minutes and does not leave lasting damage. Mini-strokes occur when the brain is lacking oxygen, and are typically caused by a blood clot, Daily Mail said in its report.