Fox Cancels Kristin Cavallari-Hosted Series 'Paradise Hotel' After Four Episodes

Paradise Hotel is coming to an end Thursday after the FOX reality show was canceled after just four episodes.

The Kristin Cavallari-hosted dating show's three-hour finale will air June 6 at 8 p.m. ET, marking the end of the show's revival after news broke in May it would be coming to an early end.

While the network originally greenlit Paradise Hotel for 13 episodes, the finale will mark the seventh and final episode before things wrap up.

The revival series, which premiered on May 9, followed sexy singles looking for love and $250,000 at Paradise Hotel. Forced to couple up every week or risk going home, fans at home were able to weigh in live on social media to influence what went down in the hotel.

Airing three times a week, FOX viewers didn't quite take to the new show, with Heavy reporting the first four episodes averaging a .40 rating in the key 18-49 demographic and 1.2 million viewers, compared to Fox's reality singing competition The Masked Singer, which scored a 2.59 in the 18-49 demographic and 8.167 million viewers.

Last month, Cavallari revealed she didn't think the contestants on Paradise Hotel would be able to truly find love in an interview with Bustle.

"I don't know that you can really go on a TV show to find love," she said to the outlet. "I mean I know it's happened a few times but I think it's extremely hard to trust somebody. I think that obviously, if you're going on a TV show, there's other motives there than just trying to find love. So I think it just adds so many different layers to it that just become so complicated and stressful to me."

That being said, Cavallari was more than happy to sign up to spend time in Mexico with her family and stirring the pot.


"I sort of get the best job because what I do is I go in and I drop little bombs on everybody, and then I leave and watch it unfold," she laughs. "So it's fun, stirring is fun for me. It's not necessarily me messing with everybody, it's just ... you're moving the story along and you have their information, and so I get to constantly surprise them with new twists and turns which, makes for good entertainment."

Photo credit: FOX