'Floribama Shore' Star Nilsa Prowant Arrested for Flashing, Vandalizing Property

Floribama Shore star Nilsa Prowant was arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida on Saturday morning after flashing people on the street and kicking in a car window. According to TMZ, the arrest report notes that Prowant was observed revealing her breasts from the balcony, yelling to people passing by to sneak a peek.

Officers then reportedly told her to leave the area but refused, becoming belligerent and erratic soon after according to TMZ. She did manage to get into a car for the ride home but then proceeded to kick out the rear passenger side window and shatter, forcing officers to place her under arrest.

As TMZ adds, witnesses at the scene overheard one of the police officers tell Prowant, "you got to go."

The MTV reality star was booked for disorderly conduct and exposing her sexual organs in public. Both would be misdemeanors according to TMZ, with the outlet noting that police seemed poised to let her go for exposing her breasts.

The report also alleged that Prowant was under the influence during the incident.

The MTV star was freed in the early morning on Saturday, paying her $400 bail and exiting from behind bars. TMZ couldn't confirm if the cameras for the MTV series were present, but indicated the series was filming for its third season. The show will return this fall.

The series is a spin-off from the Jersey Shore series that is set in the Florida Panhandle. When the show premiered, the cast of the Florida series attempted to show how their series would be different from their predecessor.

"It's a completely different part of the country. Obviously we're going to be different. We're not from Jersey," Floribama cast member Gus Smyrnios said ahead of the series premiere. "Every part of country, people are different. We're trying to show how people are on the Floribama side, the Southeast region."

The original Jersey Shore cast weren't the biggest fans when the new show was announced, particularly when the new cast tried to distance themselves by pointing out the age of their predecessors and the diversity in the new series.

"I don't know how old they are now or even if they watch TV. I know they have kids and stuff so they're probably worried about more important things, but I wouldn't want them to think we are trying to run off that show because that show is a legend," cast member Kortni Gilson said in 2017. "The only thing similar, I would say is putting eight people in a house and giving them some alcohol and watching them and seeing what they'll do."


Thankfully, it seems like both shows can co-exist on the network. The Jersey Shore cast will return in the next edition of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation this summer, while Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino made their mark with Double Shot at Love.

Floribama Shore will return for season three this fall. The show will change locations from Panama City to St. Petersburg.