'Floribama Shore' Stars Nilsa, Candace and Codi Dish on the 'Tsunami' of Drama in Season 3 (Exclusive)

After two summers stirring things up in Panama City Beach, the Floribama Shore roommates are taking their antics south to St. Petersburg for Season 3 of the hit MTV reality show — and there's a storm brewing in the beach house. Ahead of the Thursday, Nov. 14 season premiere, Nilsa Prowant, Codi Butts and Candace Rice talked to PopCulture.com about what's to come in a season filled with fighting, flirting and even Nilsa's arrest.

“I don't think any town is ready for us," Nilsa admitted of taking the roomies to St. Pete's. "I don't think they knew."

Things right off the bat started with some serious drama as "tension between the roommates" had people coming in hot right off the bat, she added. Candace agreed, saying that because everyone had been working so hard ahead of the summer together, they really let loose with the drinking.

"It just turned into a big old tsunami," she confessed.

While some of that anger was between members of the trio talking with PopCulture.com, Codi said their ability to forgive is part of being in the Floribama family: "We’re able to put that past us and move on," he explained. "No matter what happens in the house, we’re able to sit down at the dinner table together."

Candace and Codi's relationship ended on big of a cliffhanger at the end of Season 2 as Codi confessed his feelings for his longtime crush, adding to the confusion in the beach this year, despite the two deciding to enter the house single and keep it that way.

"I just wanted to be single and do my thing," Candace defended, as Nilsa chimed in of her own on-again, off-again flirtations with Gus Smyrnios, "It’s like Gilsa all over."

From Codi's perspective, the whole situation was a recipe for confusion. “I came into the house this season, and I didn't know where we were," he recalled. "We had talked a lot outside of the house, and I didn't know if this was gonna be a potential relationship or a friendship."

Gus and Nilsa are also forced to find a new way to relate as The Challenge vet enters the beach house with a girlfriend who had her own thoughts about her boyfriend's former cuddle buddy.

“Gilsa will always be a part of the show," Nilsa teased of her complicated feelings for her roommate. "I just feel like Gus and I have a weird kind of soul connection.”

Nilsa's July arrest for flashing and vandalism will also stir things up in the house this summer after she kicked out a car window during a night out.

“I am excited to watch it back in a weird way, because I don't really remember a lot of what happened," Nilsa admitted of the night.

And while the bonds of friendship and one bromance in particular are pushed to their limits, all the roommates still have love for one another by the end.

“I feel like relationships are a lot stronger — most of them," Candace reflected. "Some of them are a little beat up and will have to heal.”

Nilsa added, “We become each other’s favorite people at the end of the summer.”


Floribama Shore kicks off a brand new season Thursday, Nov. 14 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV