First Cast Members Rumored for US Version of 'Ex on the Beach'

MTV is reportedly bringing the UK reality show Ex on the Beach to the United States, and with it, a cast full of drama.

The show, which has been on for seven seasons in the UK, brings young, single men and women together on the beach, waiting for them to get caught up in a romance before bringing their exes back one by one to shake things up a bit.

According to an insider on Vevmo, the U.S. cast has reportedly begun filming in Hawaii already, and plans to finish up mid-December.

The cast allegedly consists of Chase Brody Mcnary of The Bachelorette, Cory Wharton of Real World: Explosion and The Challenge, Derrick Henry of Are You the One? and The Challenge and Paulie Califore of Big Brother on the guys' side.

On the ladies side, Califore's ex Lexi Marsella, Henry's ex Angela Babicz of Bad Girls Club, Jasmine Goode of The Bachelor and Taylor Selfridge of Are you The One? have been connected to the project.


This isn't a full list, the insider said, but should be a reason for fans to get excited.

Here's a promo trailer fo the UK version of the show: