Farrah Abraham Says 'Teen Mom' Has a Sexual Double Standard

Farrah Abraham is on the warpath.

The Teen Mom OG star is continuing to slam MTV producers after she claims they "sex shamed" her for her return to the adult entertainment industry last month.

Abraham has appeared in a number of NSFW performances, including a pornographic movie with adult star James Deen and a live cam show for CamSoda earlier this year. In October, she was scheduled to perform in another CamSoda show, but the same day, Abraham claims MTV fake fired her for her behavior.

Since then, Abraham has called Teen Mom "fake," and continues to speak out against producer Morgan J. Freeman, who she said was the one orchestrating the fake firing.

In a recent interview with Radar, Abraham said Freeman asked her to choose between her work on Teen Mom or her adult performances.

"I responded, 'Who the f--k are you to tell me these are my only choices in life?'" she said. "Especially when MTV has capitalized off my sexuality. They enjoy harassing me about my sexuality."

Abraham said she will "no longer tolerate" producers pressuring other cast members to talk about her adult movies.

"That's an old topic," she said. "I'm open about my sex positivity, as it's a horrible place to be shamed for a healthy sex life while crew, colleagues and production allow sexual harassment, discrimination and intimidating circumstances. I hope other cast members wake up and stop being production puppets. I hope they learn to know who they really are and live better lives."

Abraham continued, saying it's unfair for production to single her out for her sexual behavior while her cast mates also continue to have sex and get pregnant.

"Many other moms on the shows have had more sex with multiple partners within the last three years than I have," she said. "Or gave birth again to another child over the past three years, yet I'm the one with less sexual partners, children and leading a positive lifestyle with growing businesses."


Abraham is the mother of 8-year-old Sophia, and runs an adult toy business as well as a boutique for her child.

Teen Mom OG premieres on Nov. 27, at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.