Farrah Abraham Mom-Shamed by Fans After Showing 9-Year-Old Daughter Sipping Bubbly Drink

Farrah Abraham has always gotten a fair amount of hate for the moves she makes as a mom, and that hasn't stopped now that she's no longer on Teen Mom OG.

While on vacation in Dubai with 9-year-old daughter Sophia, the Abrahams look to be living in luxury, staying at the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel and enjoying all of the amenities the resort has to offer, according to InTouch. But when Abraham posted a photo of Sophia drinking a sparkling beverage that kind of looked like champagne, fans were quick to criticize the mom.

sophia abraham
(Photo: Instagram/Sophia Abraham)

"I hope that's apple juice [shaking my head]," said one fan, while another was less sure, writing, "I'm sorry is that champagne?"

"Such a brilliant example for other kids who follow Sophia," wrote a third, implying she might be making other kids think drinking alcohol is okay.

Abraham headed off any shaming remarks with a previous post that identified the beverage. A video from their girls day showed a waiter serving Sophia what she called "bubbly apple juice."

"Look how special that is," said Farrah, as Sophia took a sip and showed off her tongue. "They have some great sparkling juices here, with real gold in it!"

Sophia apparently opted for the opulent bubbly drink in a champagne glass during tea time during her lavish vacation, adding that she "loves her life" in the caption.

Despite the fact that she had a virgin drink, other fans worried about her ingesting gold, saying, "Is that safe [laughing out loud] [oh my God]." But no worries, edible gold is just that, edible!

After Abraham decided not to return to Teen Mom OG upon being forced to choose between the MTV show and her work in adult entertainment, the 26-year-old has been vacationing around the world with her daughter, including Fiji, France and Dubai.

In March, she opened up to PopCulture.com exclusively about her next steps as a professional as well.

"I’m solely focusing on acting and scripted roles," she told PopCulture. "Reality TV turned into plotted fake scenes, so at this point I see it as I’ll be the best actress this world has ever seen."


The My Teenage Dream Ended author also joked, "Watch out JLaw!" referencing actress Jennifer Lawrence before adding, "I enjoy working and am successful in what I put my mind to, and I know my daughter Sophia, who is already an actor, will do amazing in scripted work as well."

Photo credit: Instagram/Sophia Abraham