Farrah Abraham Accused by ‘Teen Mom’ Fans of Faking Red Carpet Photos on Instagram

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham and her daughter, 10-year-old Sophia Abraham, went to a special pop-up experience on Saturday, Oct. 5 that included taking red carpet photos, posing with movie star sunglasses and a recording studio in Los Angeles. After Abraham posted the video on Instagram, she was accused of faking the red carpet photos, even though that was all part of the real experience. The pop-up event's purpose was to celebrate the return of E! True Hollywood Story on Sunday.

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"[E! News] [E! True Hollywood Story] are back tomorrow Oct 6," Abraham wrote in the caption. [Sophia Abraham] and I had a blast [Popsugar]."

Abraham did not fully explain what this pop-up experience was, so Instagram uses accused her of hiring people for a fake photoshoot.

"Why the heck do they need security? I wonder where you would go to hire people to set up a fake photoshoot?" one person wrote. "Well I just think no one is giving that kid a chance! She has 2 sets of grandparents and they see this train wreck and they are all to afraid to do anything!! Shame on you all!"

"This photoshoot is fake. Who is she kidding," another person wrote.

"Lol, she tried so hard to carefully word that caption, to make it look like it was legit," another critic chimed in. "No real celebrity is going to a pop-up, that’s sole purpose is to make believe you’re a celebrity."

Abraham's photo shoot was actually part of a "E! True House of Hollywood" exhibit set up in partnership with Popsugar that was only open on Saturday at The House on Sunset in West Hollywood. According to E! News, the exhibit included a fake "red carpet" where "paparazzi" took pictures of regular people wanting the celebrity treatment. After that, guests were taken through a series of rooms with specific references to upcoming E! True Hollywood Story episodes, including "Does Hip Hop Reject Women?," "Horror Movies: Cursed or Coincidence?" and "Is Fame an Addiction?"

After the red carpet, rooms included a recording studio, a wallpapered living room with TV sreens and a whispering doll and a "rumor mill" that helped visitors see what it is like to live with headlines in every direction. Guests had to reserve a spot before attending.

"E! True Hollywood Story was an iconic franchise in the network’s history; [it was a] show that was dedicated to taking viewers beyond the headlines and into the lives of pop culture’s most beloved and respected celebrities," Rod Aissa, executive VP original programming at E! and Oxygen, told The Hollywood Reporter. "In updating it, we wanted to also focus on topics and issues that were impacting the dynamic and rapidly evolving pop culture landscape."

Abraham constantly faces criticism for every post she shares on Instagram. She recently revealed she enrolled Sophia in therapy due to the ongoing cyberbullying.


"We do a lot of family therapy because of her not having her father and also being in the public eye," Abraham said on the Juicy Scoop podcast. "She gets so much hate for being online schooled or home schooled... Sophia doesn't pay attention to cyberbullying. She is just totally overcoming it."

Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images