'Family Karma': Nicholas Reacts to 'Incredibly Disappointing and Hurtful' Conversation With Husband Amrit's Parents (Exclusive)

Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoukos' wedding weekend got off to a rough start after an "incredibly disappointing and hurtful" conversation with Amrit's parents shown in last week's episode of Family Karma. The newlyweds opened up to PopCulture.com ahead of Sunday's new episode of the Bravo series to explain the heightened emotions surrounding their big day and how they managed to move past them as a united front. 

After a successful off-camera dinner introducing Nicholas and Amrit's parents to one another, the mood quickly shifted when Amrit's mom Lavina said the festivities "didn't feel like a wedding weekend" – a comment that Nicholas felt was invalidating as a gay man who was already feeling insecure planning a traditional Indian wedding. The conversation continued after Nicholas decided to end the night early, which he told PopCulture was hurtful to watch back. 

"It had been a long day. I said I was ready to go to bed, and Amrit continued to film with his parents, and I knew that he went to film with his parents, but I didn't know what they talked about. When I watched the episode, it was disappointing," Nicholas told PopCulture, calling the comments made about his initial reaction "just incredibly disappointing and hurtful – at times, insulting to watch."

Amrit described watching the argument escalate as an "out-of-body experience," saying that he was trying to understand everyone's perspective at the time. "Watching it back, I do see where [Nicholas] was coming from and where his head was at," he explained. "I'm hearing the things that were said at that table that probably should not have been said the eve of our wedding weekend. Now I have a more comprehensive picture." He continued, "I think we were all going through a lot at that moment. There were a lot of emotions. ...We were under a lot of stress, as you can imagine." 

The couple is on the "same page now," and while the emotions that caused the tension are "complicated," Amrit and Nicholas are ready to move on. "I had texted Amrit's mom that morning [of the episode airing] saying, 'I haven't seen the episode, but I love you, and I'm going to lay my head down on my pillow knowing that,'" Nicholas shared.

With their wedding behind them, Nicholas and Amrit are enjoying life as newlyweds as they look to the future together. "Married life can really show you all of your good parts and your bad parts, but what is really awesome is that through those good parts and bad parts, you have this ride-or-die right there along with you," Nicholas shared. Amrit agreed, "Yeah, I think married life gives you a vision into the future. When you're finally settled down committed to a person, you could see kids, and a family, and the whole nine yards, and old age. I'm already picturing both of us in our 80s and 90s hopefully together. So, it just kind of paints a complete picture." Family Karma airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.