'Home Town' Star Erin Napier Reveals How 'This Is Us' Snuck in Easter Egg Honoring Newborn Daughter

After announcing the birth of their second child over the weekend, Home Town star Erin Napier revealed a sweet memento, now cemented in the vernacular of pop culture, honoring her newborn welcomed alongside husband, Ben Napier. In a social media post shared to her Instagram on Monday morning, Napier revealed a snapshot of a TV screen showcasing a scene from the NBC drama, This Is Us. Highlighted in the moment is a list of names, which she explains held special meaning to the couple, especially as it came from their friend and series star, Chris Sullivan — also known as Toby.

"An Easter egg from our friend [Chris Sullivan]: earlier this year on [This Is Us], Kate and Toby were at the hospital awaiting their baby," Napier wrote. "Our friend Chris, who plays Toby, was writing down ideas for the baby's middle name and he snuck Mae (and her middle name!) in there to see if we would spot it when we watched the episode."

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Fans of the couple took to the comments section to share their awe over the moment, with many writing how lucky Mae and her family were a part of the beloved drama, while others were just excited about two of their favorite shows blending in some way. "Wow! The connection between my two favorite shows!! Awesome!" wrote one fan, as another chimed in, "Such a sweet story to tell Mae when she is older [heart eyes emoji]."

While it was not disclosed what Mae's middle name is, the couple told PEOPLE on May 31 that the infant's first name held special meaning to their now family-of-four as it pays homage to Erin's Aunt Mae. The two went on to tell the publication about their newest addition, stating: "While we are excited to have another daughter to love, we are more excited to see the bond she and Helen will have. They're already so in love with each other!"

In an exclusive with PopCulture this past May, ahead of the series premiere for their groundbreaking HGTV series, Home Town Takeover, the couple revealed how their 3-year-old daughter, Helen reacted when she first learned the news of becoming a big sister. Admitting how they feel a "little bit more prepared" with the second bundle of joy set to arrive in a few short months, Napier revealed she and Ben know what the couple is "getting into this time" around, but it was their daughter who was waiting with an eager heart for Mae's arrival.

"Helen just asks every day, 'Is [the] baby coming home today?' and we have to keep saying not today," the doting mom told PopCulture as Ben chimed in that the toddler is "really excited." Ben called the tender moment "really sweet," even admitting he cried. Napier went on to reveal how her husband's been an "emotional mess, quite honestly."

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Ben took to Instagram to share a tender snapshot of his two daughters, writing in the caption, "This is a very memorable Memorial Day weekend for me and my girls," alongside the hashtags, big girls and Memorial Mae.


Erin Napier and Ben Napier can be seen in the six-episode event series, Home Town Takeover, airing Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV and available to stream on discovery+. For more with the Napiers, stick to PopCulture for the latest.