'DWTS': Hannah Brown Clarifies Romance Rumors With Dance Partner Alan Bersten

Romance rumors have been swirling about Dancing With The Stars contestant Hannah Brown and her [...]

Romance rumors have been swirling about Dancing With The Stars contestant Hannah Brown and her professional dance partner Alan Bersten, and the realty TV star is speaking out and clarifying the nature of their relationship for fans.

While chatting with Us Weekly after Monday night's episode, Brown said, "We are dance partners, and we have the best time together, and we have a friendship that is great. I think I'm done with roses, so mirrorball [trophy] is what we have our eye on."

Bersten also addressed the rumors, joking, "I'm just a stripper for hire," then quipping that his dance talents are "pretty good."

While Brown's relationship with Bersten is purely professional, she has struck up a close relationship with someone else lately... singer Demi Lovatio, who was a huge fan of Brown during her time on The Bachelorette.

"She's so great," Brown told Us Weekly — and other outlets — of Lovato. "I'm just really thankful for her support through everything. I mean, she is always there for, 'Hey, do you just want to come over and just hang out?' Because that's what I need right now is just a friend that is supportive of and understanding of what like this new life has been."

She went on to share about how Lovato has helped her come to terms with her new celebrity status, saying, "She knows it on a much bigger level than I do. But she doesn't care about that. She needs friends just like we all do and I need friends just like everyone does, and so it's great to have somebody who can be a guidance of this new life and then just somebody who's just so loving and supportive."

During Monday's episode, Brown and Bersten danced to Wilson Phillips' "Hold On," and afterwards Brown opened up a little about what the song and performance meant to her personally.

"I've been through a lot on television and my whole life has been exposed to everybody," Brown said. "There have been ups and downs. I think this is also something that has those ups and down but it has been such a great therapy for me. And I feel like that's what people get to see, I get to come out every Monday and...shine!"

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET, on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC