'Duck Dynasty' Star John Luke Robertson and Wife Mary Kate Reveal New Baby Bump Beach Photo

Mary Kate and John Luke Robertson are celebrating their first pregnancy with a nostalgia-filled trip to the beach.

Soon after the Duck Dynasty couple announced last month they were expected a baby boy at the end of this October, the couple shared a sweet recreation of a vintage baby bump beach photo from John Luke's parents, Willie and Korie Robertson.

"We're over halfway now to meeting our boy!" Mary Kate captioned the post. "We had so much fun recreating this picture at the beach of John Luke's parents when his mom was pregnant with him ... AND little guy is supposed to be an October baby just like JL!"

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She added in the comments after getting a comment from her mother-in-law, "Ahh didn't realize till Korie posted but we were both 18 weeks!"

Following their pregnancy announcement, Mary Kate took to her blog to open up about her first trimester.

"It's been so much fun for us announcing our baby and you guys have been so sweet with congratulating us!" she wrote. "I've been documenting our life on this blog for the past 4 years now and I'm excited to finally get to write about expecting our first baby."

"We've known now for almost 4 months which is crazy to me," she continued. "Finding out was extra sweet because we found out in February while we were in Lynchburg packing up our house, which was our first home and where we've lived for 3 years. We got to tell my sister and a few of our closest friends while we there because it'd be months before we saw any of them again."

Having been married four years by the time their baby is born, Mary Kate added she felt like they had been together the "perfect amount of time" to bring another member of the family on board.


"We're still young — we'll be 23 and 24 when he gets here, but we just both were wanting a baby and didn't have any reason to put it off!" she wrote, adding later, "It reminds me of getting married! You're entering a season you've never been in before and there is so much unknown. Its easy for there to be fear in the unknown. But I think you just get to a point where you're like, 'We want a baby and if God wants to give us a baby He will and if He does He'll give us the grace to do it and we'll make it work!' It was good timing with how our life is and we're so happy about it."

Photo credit: Instagram/Mary Kate Robertson