Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Son Wes Poses for Rare Family Photo With His Kids Ahead of Vacation

Jodie Chapman, the wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman's son Wesley Chapman, shared another family photo with their two children as they headed out on another family vacation. The Chapman quartet packed their RV to go on a seven-day trip with their three dogs.

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"Home from Denver & now back on the road," Jodie wrote on Sunday morning. "Our little family was in need of a family vacation. So this will be home for the next 7 days. 3 dogs... 2 kids & an RV packed to the brim! Wish us luck."

A few hours later, Jodie shared a look at one of the many beautiful green views the family saw as they left their Idaho home.

Jodie's family photo showed that their daughter, Chloe, was wearing a black boot. She explained to one fan that Chloe has a "torn ligament... first day on the road and we already have an injury... Lord help us."
Wesley also shared a photo on his Instagram page, showing Chloe riding piggyback with him.

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"When your daughter decides to tear a ligament day 2 of the RV trip.. you have no choice but to carry her around on your back for the rest of the trip," Wesley wrote. "2 days down... 5 more to go!"

Wesley is heading out on the road just a few days after being in Colorado to attend Beth Chapman's Celebration of Life memorial in Aurora. His step-mother died in late June after a battle with throat cancer.

Wesley was also profiled by Forbes last week, as one of the people behind The Human Gathering events and established the A Human Project foundation. He has applied skills gained in the private sector to help children escape abusive environments for the past seven years.

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Duane shared a link to the profile on Twitter, adding, "So proud of my son."

In the Forbes profile, Wesley said he has tried to stay out of the spotlight by not cashing in on his connection to a reality TV star.

"I never wanted to ride on my dad's coattails," Wesley told Forbes. "His blood is in my veins. And that's more than enough."

He later explained how important family is and teased his next plans.


"Nothing is more important than family. And this lifestyle enables my entire family to gather together whenever we like, in this incredible, serene environment," Chapman told the magazine. "In fact, we are currently acquiring hundreds of additional acres for an exciting new endeavor that you'll hear about very soon."

Wesley and Jodie also host a podcast called Life with the Chapmans, which can be found on Spotify and iTunes.