Drew Scott and Linda Phan Go Beyond Design With Intimate, Personal Side in 'At Home' Podcast (Exclusive)

After settling into their home earlier this year, Property Brothers stars Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan debuted another exciting project together — the podcast series, At Home With Linda & Drew Scott, which explores home as the foundation of life. Established as the site where we build values and habits essential to our relationships and behaviors, Scott and Phan aim to "share more intimate aspects of home" that go beyond design, exploring what really makes a house a home. In an exclusive with PopCulture.com for our series, PopCulture @ Home, the two reveal most humbly their intentions for the show, admitting it's about their philosophy of working to inspire people for a better world.

"We wanted to share a little bit of what interests us and what fascinates us, and we want to try to affect people in a positive way — the same way we try to do through our shows, Property Brothers and Reveal Magazine, and At Home, it's sort of a basis that everything starts at home," Scott told PopCulture.com. "Everyone lives somewhere. Everyone has their home life affect them in all aspects of their life, so we wanted our podcast to be a part of that springboard for life."

"For us, it was really just a way to share more intimate aspects of home that goes beyond design," Phan said. "We are open about our relationship and we love to talk about things we argue about, or things we hope and dream for the world and it does all start at home."

Scott goes on to share that applies to their guests, too, disclosing it's a "big part" of what fascinates them as hosts in the more than 30 episodes that have premiered since January. "Just recently, we've had on some amazing guests that are leaders when it comes to education on racial literacy," he said of the episodes aimed at amplifying Black voices amid the George Floyd protests. "This is something that we wanted to educate ourselves more on. We've had other guests that are talking about family and talking about wellness."

While Scott and his wife — who is also the creative director of Scott Brothers Global — are used to the lights and camera of their HGTV shows, which include a long line of programming in the Property Brothers franchise (Buying and Selling, Property Brothers: Forever Home and Brother Vs. Brother), the two said they were surprised by the efficiency of podcasting in comparison to the television process.

"One thing that I noticed right off the top is that, when you think of a production timeline, a production schedule, it's a lot bigger, longer timeframe, massive budget to do a TV show, like what we do for our shows and you have a massive renovation that takes months," he said. "While a podcast is something that we do in a day for each episode where we sit down, and we chat a little bit — we have a great conversation with our guests. So, that was the big difference for me, schedule wise. It's a lot more efficient to be able to tackle more podcast episodes."

"I found that we have more room to breathe on the podcast," Phan added. "Shows — it is reality TV — but there are quicker leads. Whereas in the podcast, we have to think and just have the 'Ums' and 'Like, I don't know what I'm going to say next.' It's completely unscripted and that's the fun part."

Scott goes on to share how he thinks it's also pretty "funny" thanks to their harmonizing dynamic that not only amplifies the subject matter discussed on the series but also makes the podcast all the more enjoyable. The 41-year-old Canadian further states for the fans who "absolutely" love it, the pair are now releasing a series of corresponding breakouts filmed during the recording of At Home With Linda & Drew Scott that will be posted to their YouTube channel. "That's something that people can see too is the video side of our podcast," he said. "It's a fun playback and forth to see our personalities and how we dig more into our guests' lives."

While the two have found themselves in a sea of thought-provoking and creative podcasts, they are humbled by the reception from fans — both new and old — as Scott and Phan are "just trying to be real" and "organic" among their peers' works. "We've been fortunate," he said of their success, adding how their series At Home is climbing the charts of Society and Culture on Apple Podcasts. Acknowledging how it's "phenomenal" looking at the plethora of podcasts available, Scott and Phan are constantly observing more of "what differentiates" them from the others with every episode.

Phan echoes his sentiment, further praising other podcasts and sharing how though they're not aiming to be "super unique in a way that we're doing something better," it's more about connecting with people on a personal level. "It is constantly evolving because we are constantly evolving, and it's fun and frustrating at times to not know, what are we exactly? But in real life, you don't have a tagline to define ourselves," she said.

With the pair sharing a more intimate and personal trait rarely seen on their HGTV shows or even read about in the Scott brothers' lifestyle quarterly, Reveal Magazine, Scott and Phan tell PopCulture the raw, candid side of them showcased in the podcast was a vibe and sincerity they were looking to achieve from the get-go.

"There's certain things for our shows that we don't get to showcase, or we don't get to talk about. For Linda and me, we just love good conversation with amazing, inspiring people," Scott said. "So our whole philosophy was, if we just sit down and chat, whether it's remote or whether it's in person before isolation — if we just sit down and chat with people who fascinate us, we know that those conversations are going to be fascinating to our listeners, and it's continuing to evolve too."

Phan goes on to share because they are just "such homebodies," being at home quite literally while projecting a very cool, laid back style was definitely their intention. "We really don't love going out unless it's to eat. Our perfect night in is really just chilling at home and chatting with great friends," she said before Scott adds how the two love the "intimate moments" with family and friends most.


Watch the entire interview above to learn more about the podcast, including how fans are responding to the series, what we can expect with the next episodes, which ones stand out to Drew and Linda and lots more!

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