Dr. Phil Gives Major Rehab Update on Bam Margera: 'He’s Really Making a Concerted, Sincere Effort'

Dr. Phil saw everything that went down with Bam Margera. He saw the public outcry and the series of events that saw Margera taking a downward spiral the past few weeks. The two met after Margera called out for his help. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dr. Phil was pleased to report that Margera is making progress. The episode of Dr. Phil's meeting with Margera will air on Sept. 9.

"He started posting things, I guess, on Instagram or whatever," he began. "He was down in Austin in a hotel room, kind of, on his own. He started saying 'I'm in trouble, and I don't trust anybody except Dr. Phil. Like, no pressure. He says, 'I'll talk to him. I'll do anything he says.'"

Dr. Phil is always open to help, saying that "When I see a young man that's in trouble and asking for help, my ears perk up."

The upcoming episode will also feature his mother chiming in on the situation. From the preview, it appears she won't be mincing words.

'You are addicted to drama and entitlement!" she says to him via video conference as he shouts, "I don't want to ever talk to you ever again!"

Margera had a climatic August that saw him enter and in out of rehab on three occasions, get arrested for trespassing and later hospitalized as a result of edema.

"He's having sort of a breakdown, we think," his father, Phil Margera, told Page Six in early August.

Margera's most recent update coincides with what Dr. Phil told Kimmel. The Jackstar star explained his reason for sobering up is his wife and his son.


He is expected to remain in his current facility in Huntington Beach for another week.

"Now, I think he's really making a concerted, sincere effort to turn things around, which I really hope he does because he's got a lot of young people that really look up to him," Dr. Phil told Kimmel. "But I gotta say: It's not a success-only journey. He's in rehab. Look, when you really have a problem with drugs or alcohol, it's not unusual for there to be six or seven relapses before you finally get a grip on it. So, who knows if this will be the time."