New 'Dog's Most Wanted' Video Reveals Duane Chapman and Team Are Going After Tiger Woods' Mistress

One of Tiger Woods' former mistresses is making an appearance on an all-new episode of Dog's Most Wanted on Wednesday night, and from the looks of things it was not a positive experience. WGN released a preview of the episode which shows Duane Chapman and his team tracking down Jamie Jungers in Las Vegas. Jungers had an 18-month affair with the professional golfer in 2009. She was reportedly found by Dog in what Radar Online describes as a "drug den" back in November 2018 where Chapman alleged she was trading sex for drugs. She was allegedly found with heroin and speed and weighed just 88 pounds.

She was turned over to the Vegas police after Chapman apprehended her.

Elsewhere in the preview, we see Dog and Beth riding in the car together arguing over her meds. "You're not supposed to go that long without your medication," he says. "Stop trying to drug me," Beth responds. "I'm not trying to drug you, I'm trying to save your life," Dog snaps back.

Outside of the show, Dog has been focused on his health after being rushed to the hospital last month. He told ET that he is trying to be healthier, starting with quitting smoking.

"None of my children smoke," Chapman told ET. "So they all encourage me to quit smoking. But I haven't told my children what's going on. I don't want them to worry. It's not any of their business [and] I have not told them what's really going on."

His health scare was originally thought to possibly be a heart attack but turned out to be a blood clot.

"Eight minutes after I had the test on the heart, she took me into the room where they check blood clots and then said that on my lung I have a huge blood clot," Chapman said. "The reason for the blood clot was thick blood. The next step is blood thinners -- 98 percent of blood thinners work on the blood clot."

Last week's episode of Dog's Most Wanted featured the birth of the newest member of the Chapman family. Fans can tune into WGN at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday to find out what else is in store for the gang this week.