'Dog's Most Wanted' Finale: Family Struggles With Taking Beth Chapman off Life Support After Medical Emergency

The Dog's Most Wanted season finale proved to be a tearjerker hour as the Chapman family dealt with the loss of matriarch Beth Chapman. The powerful hour chronicled the medical emergency that ended up taking the reality television personality's life after a long battle with lung and throat cancer. After Beth started to lose her ability to breathe at home, she was transported to the hospital and placed in a medically-induced coma. With things looking more dire after a couple of days, Duane "Dog" Chapman and the family faced a difficult decision.

The family gathered to discuss their options, knowing that if Beth woke up again she would be in pain for the rest of her life.

"So, she now, the heart, is 50 percent gone. Her heart is bad, she has sepsis... the kidneys are affected, the liver's got cancer all through it, she's got pneumonia, and she's got the infection. And now it's like, do we pull the plug? Dog asks his family at their home.

"She's told him what she wants. And it isn't about living or dying, it was just a matter of when," Cecily Chapman told cameras. "And then it's like, the quality of life isn't there. So, bringing her back just to torture her is like, selfish."

"So, then do we call Rainy or someone to say, 'start the countdown'?" Dog asked, with Lyssa Chapman telling him the doctors were waiting for his word about whether or not to take Beth off life support.

Dog then asks Cecily if she is able to talk to the doctors and say that the family decided to pull the plug at 2 p.m. the next day, June 25. Cecily breaks down in tears after hearing the words.

"How do I even say that?" she said with tears in her eyes, prompting Dog to say he will be the one to tell the doctors.

"You know, just keeping her in the life support you feel like an assh—. And it's like, to make a decision to end someone's life, you know, is probably one of the hardest things I think I'll ever have to face, ever," Cecily said in a confessional.

"You always think there might be a miracle at the end but there's never a f-ing miracle," she added.

The next day they announced the decision to take her off life support, she was supposed to go after an hour, but she made it for another day.


Dog's Most Wanted is expected to be renewed for Season 2 on WGN America.