'Dog's Most Wanted' Preview: Dog the Bounty Hunter Discusses Wife Beth Chapman Having 'No Chance of Survival'

Duane "Dog" Chapman and his crew are back on Wednesday night in a new episode of WGN's Dog's Most Wanted, and it seems like this one could be emotional for fans. In a preview for the episode, Dog is seen remembering when he got the horrible diagnosis for his wife, Beth Chapman.

"The doctor's say there's no chance of survival. You have an incurable disease," Dog said. "I wanted to slap him right in the mouth." It then cuts to a shot of the family around a table, and Dog saying, "So, this one's for Beth."

Based on the preview, it's safe to assume there will be plenty about Beth's cancer fight in this episode.

Dog has had his own health battles recently. He was admitted to the hospital after suffering chest pains, and it was later revealed that he has a pulmonary embolism, which is a life-threatening arteries condition. He seems to be in better health now, and has received an outpouring of fan support.

But there will also be some good hunts, as well, such as in last week's episode.

In a PopCulture.com exclusive clip from last week's episode, fugitive Brad Houser, who is wanted on charges of criminal trespass, harassment, drug possession, theft of property in the first degree; was hunted down by Dog and company.

The team got a tip from Houser's mom that he could be hiding out in the caves behind their Alabama trailer. The crew geared up and headed into the night to hunt him down. It was all caught on camera using night vision.


Elsewhere, David found an abandoned house that they believe Houser could be using to make meth. They surrounded the house and prepare to kick in the door, bracing for the worst.