'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Stars Duane and Beth Chapman Apprehend Man Accused of Heinous Crime

The couple behind Dog the Bounty Hunter just took down an alleged criminal facing major charges in [...]

The couple behind Dog the Bounty Hunter just took down an alleged criminal facing major charges in Louisiana.

Duane and Beth Chapman apprehended Jinel Sexton, 39, on Friday, according to KDVR. Sexton is charged with sexual battery on a minor child and was out of jail on a $200,000 bail.

When he jumped bail, the Chapmans jumped on the case. They began a 4-day search for the alleged predator, which was documented by WGN America cameras for the upcoming series Dog's Most Wanted.

The Abita Springs, Louisiana, native, who was first arrested on Sept. 12, is now in custody in Covington, Louisiana. He is now on a no-bond hold.

Footage captured by KDVR shows Dog turning Sexton in. Beth is by his side, and he was flanked by a production crew and media.

The Blast adds in their report that the duo cause local bounty hunters to "feel intimidated," but the couple carried on with their task without being slowed down by rivals.

It is unclear when the Dog's Most Wanted episode chronicling the takedown will air, but the series is expected to premiere later in 2019. When the show was announced, the famed bounty hunter talked up the upcoming series, citing an alleged rise in crime across America.

"Crime in America is skyrocketing! Criminals are finding it easier to avoid the system. With more and more dangerous criminals running the streets the time couldn't be better for the World's Greatest Network to bring back the World's Greatest Bounty Hunter," Dog wrote. "Fugitives beware!"

WGN America President Gavin Harvey added, "America has been captivated by Dog, Beth and their dramatic true-crime experiences for over a decade. In this brand-new series, millions of Dog and Beth fans will join them on bigger hunts, pursuing more dangerous criminals, with a supporting cast of tough-as-nails crime fighters."

The show also comes as Beth battles cancer for the second time. She is believed to be undergoing treatment, but the exact nature of her condition is unknown.

The couple has yet to comment on the bust, but they have shared various news stories about it, confirming the news.

Photo Credit: David Aguilera/BuzzFoto via Getty Images