'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Fans Suspect His Stepddaughter Cecily Chapman Might Have Called Him out in 'Sick Ugly Truth' Message

Fans believe Cecily B. Chapman is calling out her stepfather, Duane "Dog" Chapman, in her latest string of tweets. Cecily has been posting about a mysterious man named "Frank" on Twitter recently, and based on the context, many are assuming he is Dog. She claims that this person has abandoned her.

Cecily is the daughter of the late Beth Chapman, and stepdaughter to Dog. She shocked fans on Monday night with a tweet about "Frank" and the "sick ugly truth." She claimed that Frank "acts like he cares and loves me but threw me to the curb as soon as my mom's funeral was over."

Fans speculated that "Frank" in these tweets was the Dog the Bounty Hunter star, renamed for a thin guise of anonymity. Cecily has not confirmed this, although she has not argued with fans either. Many were horrified by her words, and angry with Dog.

"Ugh! Yet your Mom welcomed each one of his children with open arms and treated them as her own... I've lost all respect for Duane," one fan tweeted.

"Oooh damn I hope that ain't true sweety, Dog wtf are u doing?" wondered another.

"I'm going to bet it's because you remind Duane so much of your mom and he's having a hard time with that," a third fan speculated. "That being said, don't let him get away with it and don't let him run and hide. Some big bad Dog he is. Rolling with fleas and not taking care of his babies when u need him [too]."

Other fans were more forgiving to Dog, feeling that he must be acting out in grief as well. They expressed their hope that he and Cecily would work out their issues one way or another.

"Cecily you all are emotionally compromised. Your dad too. I hope you all are getting good counseling and that you have group sessions as well. I imagine no-one is at their best. I’m sorry about your mom. She was the stable force in your family," one person wrote.

Cecily has also been posting about Dog's apparent new relationship with a woman named Moon Angell. After The Blast reported that Angell had moved in with Dog, they posted a selfie together on social media. However, they claim there is nothing romantic going on between them.

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Thank you MOON !!!!

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"What kinda 'friend' moves into a dead friend's house with their husband?! And ACTS LIKE THEY DID NOTHING WRONG?" Cecily tweeted.


Later, she asserted that her stepfather was "changing the stories" because "no one's happy with that crap, it's not romantic."

Cecily has continued to speak out on Twitter, but has not made any more major claims since Tuesday. So far, Dog the Bounty Hunter has not responded publicly to her.