Dog the Bounty Hunter Says Doctors 'Got Most' of Wife Beth Chapman's Throat Cancer During Emergency Surgery

Duane "Dog" Chapman is feeling optimistic following the return of wife Beth Chapman's throat cancer.

The Dog the Bounty Hunter star told Us Weekly Wednesday that when Beth went under the knife for an emergency surgery the previous day, doctors were able to remove most of the cancerous mass that was causing a blockage.

"They got most of the throat cancer out," the bounty hunter, Chapman told the publication of his wife's prognosis. "Her airway is clear now, but the doctors are afraid that it has spread. They are doing a biopsy scan to check if it has spread."

The reality personality added, "I told them I need to know right away and they're going to get me the results by tomorrow. Hopefully it hasn't spread. Last time it didn't spread at all, so we're hoping the same thing."

During this tough time, the bounty hunter reassured the magazine, "I am going to be right there with her. First thing when she woke up from the surgery yesterday, she said 'Where's the Dog?' and the nurse was confused, she said, 'Did she bring her dog with her?' and I said, 'Yes ma'am.'"

Beth's prognosis is currently unknown, but despite whatever difficulties she has ahead, Chapman gushed that "Beth is strong as a bull." He added, "But I'm like … I think I'm in bad dream and I need to wake up. People keep saying to me, 'Dog are you OK?' But I'm not the one who's sick."

"I'm here every moment I can be for her. I've never had to go through anything like this in my entire life," he added. "I love my honey so much. I don't know what I'm gonna do."

Beth was first diagnosed with Stage II throat cancer in September 2017, undergoing a 13-hour surgery to remove the cancerous mass later that month. All of this was shown on the A&E documentary Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives, which prompted calls from fans of the couple to revive their bounty hunting reality show.

But any hopes of bounty hunting for the couple in the near future appear to be on hold as they wait to see what Beth's next step will be health-wise.

"Beth had not been feeling well for a number of months and finally decided to get checked out," a family insider added to Us Weekly Wednesday. "She needed to see her specialist, who is based in Los Angeles. Thankfully, she did when she did. It could have been dramatically worse if she never had that appointment."


Photo credit: Instagram/Beth Chapman