Dog the Bounty Hunter Says Wife's Cancer Has Forced a 'Role Reversal'

Beth Chapman's throat cancer diagnosis forced husband Dog the Bounty Hunter to step up his caretaking abilities.

Beth was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma in August, and underwent massive surgery to remove the Stage II tumor in September, all of which was chronicled in their special Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives.

The surgery itself was stressful, with a 50/50 chance of working well enough to ensure her survival, but Beth found herself stressed prior to surgery trying to make sure Dog would be OK.

Cooking extra meals, paying off credit card bills ahead of time, Beth tackled all of it before she would be out of commission.

"I'm very worried about my family, because it really might be a ship with no captain," Beth confesses, smiling sadly. "Because he might think he's the boss, but I'm the boss."

Dog acknowledges that he's not sure how well he's equipped to handle life without Beth.

"It's kind of a role reversal in our relationship, I'd rather follow her than lead her," he admits.

When Beth goes into surgery, Dog is asked to leave the hospital due to the attention his fame is attracting.


But once he's no longer by her side, he breaks down.

"I've been through a lot of surgeries with Beth ... and this is the first time that I've ever left her," he says, letting out a sob, "and walked away. I thought I could handle it alone but I can't."