David Eason's Hunting Habits Under Fire From 'Teen Mom 2' Fans

David Eason is an avid hunter, and Teen Mom 2 fans aren't completely okay with his hobby.

Eason was photographed by his wife, Jenelle Evans, in hunting gear, and there was some slight drama in the comments.

We had so much fun and Ensley made it to the top!

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Eason is harmlessly kissing his infant daughter Ensley in the photo while Evans adds some commentary about the family's day.

"Daddy's girl, mommy's world," Evans wrote. "He catches us by surprise when he comes back from hunting."

While many commenters simply added admirable notes about Ensley or the couple, some took shots at Eason.

"There's nothing more cowardly than killing an innocent defenseless animal with a weapon," commenter Brenda van Gameren wrote.

Another user added, "Killing animals for fun is sick."


While some fans came to Eason's defense, the couple hasn't directly responded to the criticism themselves yet.