Danielle Staub’s Husband Follows Suit, Files for Restraining Order

Danielle Staub's husband, Marty Caffrey, filed for a temporary restraining order from the Real [...]

Danielle Staub's husband, Marty Caffrey, filed for a temporary restraining order from the Real Housewives of New Jersey star on Monday — mere hours after Staub had filed for her own restraining order from Caffrey.

Caffrey, 66, claimed in court documents obtained by Us Weekly that Staub, 56, has been "angry since Thursday after receiving a letter from his attorney indicating he was filing for divorce." Caffrey alleged that she became "extremely angry" and "appeared disheveled and under the influence of something" after he removed photos of her children from their home Sunday.

He claimed that Staub "picked up [an] iron and raised it as if she was going to throw it."

He also alleged that the reality TV personality has "threatened to stab [him] in the neck at least a dozen times" over the past year. He also says she threw a stapler at him in February, attempted to hit him with her car in 2017 and threatened to hit him with a baseball bat and break his windshield during that same summer.

Staub's representative, Steve Honig called Caffrey's claims cited in the court documents "laughable."

"The claims being made are beyond preposterous and clearly a knee-jerk reaction to Danielle's filing. I cannot imagine there is a single person gullible enough to believe any of this nonsense," Honig told Us Weekly in a statement. "If even 10 percent of these claims were true, any normal person would have already filed for divorce or, better yet, not married the person in the first place. This is laughable."

Honig made it clear he thought Caffrey fabricated the allegations in reaction to Staub's own filing for a temporary restraining order from Caffrey earlier in the day. She claimed in court documents that he "appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, agitated and confrontational" during Sunday's incident.

Staub's temporary restraining order was granted until the couple's Aug. 20th court ate.

The blowout comes a little over three months since the pair wed in May. Staub's representative confirmed that she was "having some difficulties with her marriage" in July, although neither party has filed for divorce yet.

Caffrey called his wife "arrogant" and "entitled" while talking with Us Weekly.

"Danielle typically looks to place blame at somebody else's feet," he told the publication, citing Staub's 56th birthday party as a major point of contention. "It's difficult for her [to] take responsibility for anything. Her birthday party was the tipping point. I was left completely in the dark. I wasn't allowed to know who was invited. My family and friends were left out until the last minute only because I kept pressing the issue. There was no intention of including my family or friends. But I was expected to pay for it, which I refused to do."