'Dancing With the Stars': Tom Bergeron Holds His Tongue When Asked About Tyra Banks Replacing Him

Tom Bergeron is keeping things civil as it comes to discussing his Dancing With the Stars ousting. [...]

Tom Bergeron is keeping things civil as it comes to discussing his Dancing With the Stars ousting. Since its inception, the comedian hosted the ABC dance competition but was unceremoniously cut in July as producers brought in a new host, Tyra Banks. Bergeron has made it clear it was not his idea to step down from the gig, but he's still not ready to totally trash talk the program. Bergeron, 65, appeared on Saturday's episode of The Stuttering John Podcast, where host John Melendez asked about what led to the exit. Bergeron clearly held his tongue but wanted fans to know he still wishes all the best to his friends working there.

"Well, I can't speak to their (producers') mindset," Bergeron said. "Look, my bottom line is, I've had a wonderful career. I've got friends who are still on that show, both on camera and behind the scenes, so, out of respect for them, that's about all I'll say."

He later added, "There are a lot of people who I really care about who are on that show, who I hope have long, thriving careers. And to those who came to me when the word came down in July that I wouldn't be part of it anymore, some of the pros said, 'We don't know if we want to be part of it.' I said, 'Look, you're building a brand, you're in your 30s, or late 20s or whatever, and I'm an old guy. I've made my money. I'm alright, so don't worry about me. Just go and build your brand."

He then commented on the series' rating uptick, noting that he expected that to happen, citing viewers' natural curiosity about a new host and the COVID-19 precautions put in place. However, he wants to see how it stacks up now that The Voice is back in season on NBC, competing for viewers. "They (DWTS) had a fairly open field to run in," he said. "I think, from here on in, you'll get a better sense of how it fairs."

He also noted that he would definitely not return to dance on the program as one of the titular stars. However, he is leaving the door open for an eventual return to hosting duties. "Never say never," he said.